The Place of Only Love

Desire of heart
Petition to share
Appealing to Spirit
Of prayer to prepare

Clean off the deck
Thought from the mind
In my offering
Just emptiness, find

Encounter of Presence
Of true binding be
In clarities view
Just You and me

For found in this void
One gift to bestow
Soul of rejoicing
Of Your love to know

Fasting This Lent

Fast from hurting words
Let our words be kind
Fasting from our sadness
Let gratitude us, find

Fasting from our anger
Filled with patience, cope
Fast from pessimism
And be filled with hope

Fasting from our worries
Trust in God fully
Fast from our complaints
Contemplate simplicity

Fasting from our pressures
And be filled with prayer
Fast from bitterness
Our heart be joyful here

Fast from selfishness
Compassionate to see
Fasting from our grudges
Reconciled, be

Fasting from our words
Listening now hear
Let us find the silence
The Word of God to share

(based upon words from Pope Francis)

We Do Not but Do

We do not hear
Yet we’re aware
The Spirit guides
And always here

We do not taste
Yet hunger for
Our soul to fill
Love You out-pour

We do not know
Yet trust in Thee
Your great plans
You have for me

We do not see
Yet our hope be
The way unto


Ashes, ashes
Our body
Acknowledge our

Depressing now
This thought can be
Let Word instill
A turn to see

God sent his son
To rescue me
In human skin

He gave his life
So willingly
Upon a cross

And from the grave
He conquered death
So gloriously

He offers now
This gift for free
To live with Him

Friend of the Choosing

Important our choices
A thought to extend
One of great value
Is choosing our friends

In shaping our view
Of character mold
One of dependence
Of values behold

Advice of receiving
Of sharing the way
A friend of the choosing
My Jesus today

I hope that some day
As friends often do
That I’ll grow to be
To look just like You

Senses Filled with Beauty

Incense is lit
Of fragrance surround
Smoke of the rising
The Spirit abounds

A sprinkling of water
Touching the skin
A blessing beyond
Forgiveness of sin

To nurture the soul
Body and mind
Song of the stirring
And Word of divine

A building so grand
A sparkling of gold
Is filled with Your grace
Of Presence, behold

A taste for the palette
Of wine and of bread
Of body and blood
Let our longing be fed

A celebration
Of our soul to see
To fill all our senses
With such beauty

There Comes a Time to Go

Words of my Grandmother
Wisdom to bestow
Step by step in life
There comes a time to go

Off to kindergarten
Out of her arms to grow
Take a step of courage
There comes a time to go

College now before me
She’s proud of me, I know
Take a step of knowledge
There comes a time to go

Joy of my wedding day
Love is all aglow
A step of commitment
There comes a time to go

When her time had come
Our tears overflowed
Remember all our steps
The most important know

Journey of a lifetime
Of our Lord to know
With a step of faith
It came her time to go

Scripture to Contemplate

On words of the scriptures
To contemplate
Joy of rejoicing
Of Your love so great

Doubting or discouraged
Ignite our hope to claim
For He will not quench
A smoldering flame

He is always there
In times of deepest need
For He will not break
A tender and bruised reed

He does not condemn us
Our soul He does adore
With a simple blessing
To go and sin no more

Oh, The Light

Oh, the power
Oh, the light
Oh, the shining
Radiance bright

Oh, the simple
Humble might
Presence here
Within our sight

Oh, the mercy
From our plight
Oh, the grace
Of cleansing white

Oh, the wisdom
Heavens’ height
Gift to share
Of Your insight

Oh, the binding
Souls delight
Of the love
Embrace so tight

Missed the Sunrise

Today I missed the sunrise
Had something quick to do
A gift that passed me by
A beauty pink and blue

A lesson here to learn
Lead my heart to say
Let me appreciate
Each moment here this day

And for all my loved ones
Let me show I care
For when tomorrow comes
That they might not be here

When I see the lonely
A gift of time to share
With a heart of compassion
And an open ear

Source of inspiration
All throughout the day
Nurturing the soul
Taking time to pray