Cast to the Horizon

Overwhelmed this morning
With my fears and worry
Cast unto the horizon
Of thoughts of what’s to be

For the time of darkness
And shadows of the night
Soon will be consumed
By love within the light

Found within the dawning
A day that’s blessed anew
Prepared by our Creator
Of His holy view

Bask in colors flowing
Let light and warmth flow through
A prayer of offered trust
Into the hands of You


God is of the living
Experience to know
Facets of the many
Of blessings to bestow

Experience of goodness
His treasures to embrace
For nothing we deserve
Everything is grace

Experience His mercy
Death He does destroy
Endlessly forgiving
Our source of hope and joy

Experience of love
Every moment everyday
Shared in every way

Experience of being
So inspirational
When truly of the sharing
One transformational

Fulfilling His Vocation

Her only son had died
To Jesus, she appealed
He felt a Mothers pain
From death her child was healed

Mary called to Him
When Lazarus had died
He knew his friend would live
Still our Jesus cried

In the lonely garden
While his disciplines slept
Streaming tears of blood
Jesus prayed and wept

Increasingly aware
With every living breath
Fulfilling His vocation
Through suffering and death

Still he walked the way
Remaining faithful true
Becoming of His passion
All out of love for you

Through Peace

With a little more grace
And little more space
We’ll slow this virus down

With a little more care
And little more prayer
We’ll help those all around

We’ll give our thanks
To all the ranks
In service here this day

We’ll hope there be
Scientists see
A cure will come our way

We’ll turn above
To God of love
And know us He adores

We’ll place our hope
And know we’ll cope
Through peace that He outpours


A wave of peace
Flowed over me
A blessed gift
Of mystery

A burst of light
Shown from above
A warming touch
Of precious love

A random song
Touched the heart
Stirring deep
Of You, impart

From whence it came
I’d love to know
Someday I’ll see
Your prayer did flow

Answer of the Calling

Fear not, my beloved
God is in control
For He has prepared
Many blessed souls

Scientists and preachers
Trained for emergencies
Doctors and nurses
We need everybody

Answer of the calling
With purpose, they exist
Sharing of their giftings
For such a time as this

A question offered to you
With choice to rise above
Answer of the calling
Will you bring fear or love?

Presence of Eternity

We can feel Presence
In a Church, empty
In a mountain forest
Or sunsets’ beauty

In soaking of silence
We become aware
One of the Presence
Of eternity, here

God all around us
This silence allows
Aware in the stillness
His Presence, right now

In silence of stillness
Our senses affected
Eternity’s presence
That all is connected

Brought to our senses
In silence, surround
For in the stillness
Our true home is found

A Question of Prayer

Was there ever a time
That I was aware
I could use grace
And didn’t need a prayer

Was there ever a soul
To show that I care
Taking some time
To offer a prayer

Was there ever a need
A worry or fear
That wouldn’t be better
By dwelling in prayer

Was there a moment
Of binding to share
To grow in Your love
By being in prayer

Was there ever minute
Such as right here
I would be blessed
By practice of prayer

A Little Window

Bless a little window
Shine a little light
Send a little hope
One of soul’s insight

Gift a little faith
Spark a little flame
Speak a little word
Faith of which to claim

Seek a little silence
Be a little still
Say a little prayer
Offer up your will

Looking through the window
Truth to contemplate
His desire to out pour
All His treasures, great

Come Together

The truth in front of us
One we can’t ignore
Churches closed today
Each and every door

Catholic, Protestant
New Age and Buddhist
Synagogue and temples
Islamic and Baptists

Time to come together
Responding to the call
Joining as one body
To pray now, one and all

Appealing to our God
Of one love here to be
For His grace to shine
For all the world to see