Death Before the Resurrection

How I’ve lived these weeks
Of lent to prepare
Without paying attention
To penance, fasting and prayer

How often have I missed
The fruits of the season
How can I celebrate?
Without observing this season

How can I rejoice
In Your Resurrection
When I’ve avoided death
Missing the connection

Yes, Lord I have to die
With You, through You, in You
So much in me to die
Sins within my view

All my false attachments
Anger and of greed
Impatience, stinginess
My pride to concede

How little I have died
A prayer to contemplate
Transform now my way
For it’s not too late

(based upon words by Henri Nouwen)

4 thoughts on “Death Before the Resurrection”

  1. Beautiful. It is true the C-19 crisis took away from the reflective time/space for me. Mary and Martha type tension. Lord, tell her to help me. Instead he replies stay by me as your highest tranquility / reality.

    Thank you for your post!

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  2. Well-stated! This Lenten season has filled with outside and very real distractions. The challenge for us is to continue to faithfully walk with Christ through reading our Bibles and devoting the necessary time for prayers.

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