Biggest Liar

Deception through lies
Breeds fears and worries
Biggest liar I hear
Speaks inside of me

That I’ll lose my job
I’ll get sick and die
That I’m not loved
I just don’t know why

Pause for a moment
Higher focus to know
God’s in control
And He loves me so

Dwelling in prayer
Of Spirit to see
Our great Savior to know
Dwells inside of me

5 thoughts on “Biggest Liar”

  1. This is very timely… so many lies coming from within us in this time of the corona virus. You are right, Daryl…may we get in touch with God in this time of quarantine who is dwelling in us always.

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  2. It’s called the “Discernment of the Spirits” – read St Ignatius Loyola and this is EXACTLY how it works Daryl – the father of lies – the evil one and his minions, using our own hearts!

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