Jesus Is Here!

Here on the corner
Of Union and King
Jesus is here
Let the bells ring!

Everyone welcomed
With open embrace
All that you need
Showered with grace

The Son of God dwells
His drawing revealed
The broken and lost
The wounded be healed

Treasures of heaven
All given for free
Love, peace and joy
And blessed mercy

Come into His Presence
Let Him console you
An intimate binding
Of Spirit flow through

Come share the good news
To all let them hear
The Presence of God
Is real now, right here!

A Time to Meditate

Before daily duties
Priorities get straight
To dwell in Your Presence
A time to meditate

One within the silence
To dwell within the Word
To journal pearls of wisdom
Of the Spirit heard

Beauty in the stillness
Of this treasure great
Nourishment of soul
Of light to contemplate

Son of the beloved
The joy of Christ to share
Sent within the way
Filled by time of prayer

Following Jesus

They asked, where do you live?
A answer of beauty
Jesus simply said
Why don’t you come and see

Listen for the calling
Let us be aware
Turn unto another
Let us find Him here

Let us ask the questions
Jesus who are You?
Let Him lead the way
His love through and through

Taking time to dwell
To be and be still
Wasting time with Jesus
His love for us to fill

A simple invitation
Just to come and be
Into our Gods home
Make His home in me

A Practice of Dwelling

An invitation
From Jesus to see
A practice of dwelling
Of us to be

A dwelling with Jesus
Of being to know
Allowing the gifts
Of the Spirit to flow

And over time
Blessed by his grace
Our dwelling becomes
Gods dwelling place

A fragrance of peace
A place where love grows
A dwelling of Jesus
Wherever we go

Into the Morning

I went into the morning
And listened to the rain
Watched the clouds a drifting
A knowing ascertain

A gentle breeze was blowing
The air was fresh and clean
Birds were serenading
Wisdom in the scene

Something of the greater
Found in letting go
A lifting of the higher
Yet drawing in to know

I found myself just being
A listening of prayer
For stilling in a moment
Finds You everywhere


Stilling, stilling
Soul be willing
Drawing in
The love of You

Praying, praying
Love conveying
Safe within
The peace of You

Dwelling, dwelling
Soul is swelling
Soaking in
The joy of You

Being, being
Love so freeing
Saved within
The grace of You

Sharing, sharing
Soul of caring
Gifting of
The way of You

If Clint Eastwood was Jesus

We read of the passion
When He rose from the dead
But what if our Lord
Was another instead

If Clint Eastwood was Jesus
Quite a show it would make
We’d cheer him on
As revenge he would take

If Arnold was Jesus
He’d show his manhood
He’d shoot ‘em all up
Boy, that would feel good

If I was Jesus
I’d be mad at my friends
How could they desert me?
Never talking again

We’re so grateful to Jesus
As He blessed a new way
With peace and forgiveness
Let us be of Him this day

Hope Realized

All living things
Will come to die
A truth to see
We can’t deny

God’s chosen ones
Then found a way
If without sin
Gods wrath to sway

Try though they might
With rules construe
But it’s a task
No man can do

God out of love
His Son He gave
Man and divine
For us to save

He showed the way
Of love so pure
Send on a task
One to endure

He took our sins
Yes, everyone
To Father said
Your will be done

A suffering
So cruel, He died
By hands of men
Was crucified

Laid in a tomb
He body spread
On the third day
Rose from the dead

He conquered death
Our joy to be
Our hope realized

His Great Peace

No glorious sunrise
On this Easter day
So much suffering
In our world today

But still there is found
Within our faith’s view
The light that still shines
Of the grace of You

For our Saviors risen
The hope we cling to
And still we rejoice
Let our joy burst through

Let His great peace
Still waters calm
For our Lord has risen
Rejoicing our psalm

Of This Easters Day

Arise into the silent dawn
Of an April ‘morn
A sensing in the soul
Of blossoms breath be born

A binding of remembrance
Within the womb so deep
Of new life into being
Creators love to seep

Find me now within this love
The core of Presence be
That brings all things to life
Instill this joy in me

Spirit of the rising Son
Who rolls the stone away
Birth within His passion
Of this Easters day