Happy Pentecost!

On this Pentecost
Our Church’s birthday
Four blessed reminders
For us to portray

May the Church be One
Of blessed unity
Desire of our God
Part of one body

That our Church be Holy
Rooted in deep prayer
Born within the Spirit
Of His love to share

Let it be universal
As God did intend
Being of one love
All earth, end to end

May it be apostolic
God to represent
Mission of our calling
Which we all are sent

Mystical Moment

The morning mist mixes
With hues pink and blue
A mystical moment
Of light shining through

Songs of uniqueness
Surround in beauty
Brother of stillness
Blends in sweet harmony

Rolling green pastures
Covered in dew
Of heavens connection
Flows into view

A drawing of binding
Is calling to me
A prayer of the soul
Is my offer to Thee

Breaths Taken

Our breaths every day
Of 23000 and four
Those with corona
Long for one more

When we don our masks
Our breathing aware
Let us take this time
To offer a prayer

In times such as these
Not in our control
We turn to our Lord
And bind with our soul

For He knows your pain
As He went to His death
On the suffering cross
He struggled for breath

Love that He loves
Know that He knows
Comfort in His comfort
Of Peace He bestows

Those With COVID-19

For those with corona
Let us offer a prayer
To feel with our heart
To join with them there

What a terrible feeling
An awful nightmare
Body in pain
Struggling for air

Alone in a bed
With no loved one near
The unknown ahead
Please comfort their fear

For those who are serving
May a healing be here
Give them the strength
Of compassionate care

May they feel Jesus
His light to appear
Peace of surrounding
His love everywhere

A Still Small Voice

In our world of noise
Of worries and fear
Constant distractions
Come listen right here

Settling the soul
Of a silent prayer
For a still small voice
Sometimes hard to hear

It can be very quiet
Our Lord is speaking clear
Voice of love within you
You may have heard it there

Listen to Him saying
I love you, He proclaims
Come and follow me
Calling you by name

(based upon words by Henri Nouwen)

Living Word of Being

Father, Son and Spirit
You welcome us in to
Love of the divine
Gift beyond value

Truth of the accepting
Warmth in Your embrace
Treasure beyond know
Flowing mercies grace

Let us be of being
Deep of the within
Nourishing the soul
Soaking You all in

One of transformation
Of giftings to prepare
Living Word of being
Of Your love to share

Memorial Day

I hope everybody
In this world today
Visits the soldiers
In their graves they lay

To pay our respects
Of their sacrifice, be
Who gave of their lives
For us to be free

To pray for the wounded
Who suffer this day
To stir in our soul
To help in some way

Think of their families
Of tears that won’t dry
The hole in their heart
Oh Lord, heal their “why?”

Commitment to love
All of us consort
May war small and large
Be our last resort