Movements of Henri

Being of the humble
Of vulnerability
Moving from opaqueness
To transparency

A mask of deception
Leads us to despair
Moving from illusion
To Your truth through prayer

Hearts of the broken
A greater hope, employ
Moving from our sorrow
To eternal joy

Human of emotion
Chose our attitude
Moving from resentment
To One of gratitude

Souls of belonging
Past lies of delusion
Moving from exclusion
To one of inclusion

Mortal bones and body
Draw the Spirits breath
Moving from denying
to befriending death

Sinners of worried
Our true treasure find
Moving from our fear
To love of the divine

(based upon words by Henri Nouwen)

Narcissistic Tendency

A thought of importance
For our society
That we tend to foster
A narcissistic tendency

Culture of the focus
That it’s all about me
Power, wealth and fame

If I turn the mirror
Look with honesty
I see in me the same
A hard picture to see

A prayer this day to offer
To practice consciously
To focus on the other
And Lords’ dependency


Blessed be the holy light
A gifting of divine
A grace filled tender touch
Rejoicing petals shine

Gratefulness arising
A sacred movement be
Of turning unto Thee

Roots of dwelling deep
The need of deepest yearning
Giving fullly to the light
A move of sacred turning

How glorious the gifting
To bask within the glow
One within the being
Of Your love to grow

May I be so humble
To let the flower be
My Spiritual director
Here now guiding me

Savor the Sunrise

Drawn to horizon
A turning of eyes
A gaze through the soul
To savor the sunrise

Soaking of silence
Absorbing the light
Warm flows Your love
In colors, delight

A prayer of the Spirit
A thought here to know
A dawning reflection
Of the inner glow

Outpouring of love
Of model to view
A window of offer
To share this day through

Fulfilling our Need

I am addicted
Truth to concede
Feeding my ego
I’m one of great need

Need affirmation
Constant attention
Power and praise
Deepest affection

A moment of joy
Complimented, adored
But in the next moment
I need even more

A healing of peace
With this confirmation
The love of our Jesus
Is my affirmation

A Sunday’s Eve

The sun sets on
A Sundays eve
Something soft
The soul perceives

A settling
Of senses be
A letting of
The soul to see

A song to sing
Of silent psalm
Enwrapped within
A peaceful calm

The something sought
Which all souls seek
The sacred space
Where Spirit speaks

A Needing of Breathing

A thought to awaken
Desire is clear
A needing of breathing
The fresh morning air

Filling the lungs
Becoming aware
Something is stirring
Of deeper right here

Within the light
An offer of prayer
A moving within
The Spirit appears

This day to respond
Let my soul prepare
Attune to the movements
The Spirit does share

Song of Love

Sing to me a song of love
A grace to soul impart
A flowing gift of peace
Stirring in the heart

One found in the stillness
Of the dawning light
A gentle voice of silence
Connection of delight

Let soul sing along with You
With Word that You inspire
Binding sweet of lyric deep
One of souls’ desire

Carry now this tune to be
Move other souls to say
Share me this song of love
For us to sing this day

The Wounded

The wounded raise the wounded
With fear, anxiety
Ego of the needy
Centered all on me

How can a wounded person
Raise a healthy one
Only by the grace
By loving of the Son

To know that He is love
Drawing us to be
One within the Spirit
Of the trinity

He is all we need
With a love complete
When we’re feeling wounded
In prayer with Him, retreat

The First Love

Jesus is the first love
Your soul He pursues
Here’s what our Savior
Is saying to you

I loved you before
You could love anyone
Or even receive
Love from anyone

You’re fully accepted
I love you as you are
Let go of what’s been said
Come let me heal your scar

You’re born out of my love
My love breathed into you
You’re the incarnation
Of My love spoken true

In Me there’s no hatred
No resentment to be
I love you forever
You can always trust Me

(based on words from Henri Nouwen)