Blossoms Joy

What is the source
The tree enjoys
That feeds the birth
Of blossoms joy

The one true light
Of many hues
From colors blessed
A gift to chose

The love within
A melody
The morning birds
Sing to thee

The showers hymn
The sky outpours
That soothes within
Right to the core

That feeds the stream
To join along
The psalm of praise
We all belong

Come let us be
Within this prayer
And with our soul
Our song to share

The source of all
These gifts of love
Our joy within
Our God above

I Want

I want to hear silence
Its peace to impart
Spirit of stillness
Dwell in the heart

I want here a resting
A nesting of prayer
A binding with You
Nearer than near

I want to surrender
To offer my will
A needing so deep
Only You can fulfill

I want a desire
One of compassion
Sharing your love
One of Your passion