Gift of Spirit Sought

In a mind capable
Of only human thought
Ways of preparation
For gift of Spirit sought

In a view of beauty
Of silence that surrounds
Attentive to the light
Of wisdom that is found

Open to the Spirits breath
Found in scriptures’ pages
Or reading of sacred thoughts
Found throughout the ages

Emptying in mind to be
A spark of inspiration
Letting voice of Spirit guide
In our contemplation

Dwelling in the blessing
A rhyme to lead the way
Treasure for the scribe
To inspire soul this day

The Only Word

My child, my beloved
How I love you dear
I love you completely
Right now, and right here

Yes but, I’m a sinner
Yes but, if you know
Take now all the “yes buts”
Throw them out the window

Cherish the Word love
Repeating nice and slow
Savoring, surrounding
Soaking in its’ flow

Love, love, love, love
How I love you so
Love, love, love, love
Grace that You bestow

Word of the beginning
Until the end is heard
Let there be no other
As loves’ the only word

A Moment

Heed the Spirits whisper
As busyness abounds
Pausing with a prayer
A moment to be found

Wisdom of the drawing
Time of soul to see
The treasure that is
A moment shared with Me

A greater view of finding
Letting truth be shown
Deep within the soul
A moment of love known

Peace of the instilling
In day ahead of me
In heaven of the now
A moment to be free

For life is but a moment
Let me cling to Thee
A moment of the turning
Into eternity

My Beloved One

This truth to be known
Completely aware
You are loved truly
Right now, and right here

You are loved fully
Cherished, adored
With a perfect love
Couldn’t be loved more

Repeat in your soul
In your veins to flow
Becoming your flesh
Incarnation to know

Echoing His voice
Child, I love you
My beloved one
I’ll always love you

Love Becomes

Child of the innocence
Body of the need
Mother of unselfishness
Love becomes a seed

Message of a broken world
Of pride and fantasy
I’m the one that’s in control
Love becoming me

Lost within a valley dark
Difficult to cope
Desperate for a Savior
Love becomes a hope

Found within the Spirits breath
The Fathers outstretched hand
The Son of God born unto us
Love becomes a man

Call of greater purpose be
Of our cross to lift
Dying here unto ourselves
Love becomes a gift

Savoring Silence

Savoring silence
Of Presence to dwell
A space of the sacred
Deep is the well

Sip of the Spirit
Of filling we find
Drink of desire
Of quenching, divine

A drawing of deeper
Of Word here to flow
An intimate binding
Of love now to know

A floating of being
Within, permeate
The glory of God
And His love so great

Voice of Fear

There is a part of me
Speaking loud and clear
Craving of attention
It’s the voice of fear

Serving of a purpose
Of safety, that a fact
But when it consumes
Things get out of whack

The worst will come to be
Security of needing
I must take control
That this world is feeding

A prayer now to reset
Do what I can do
Repeating in the soul
My God, I trust in You

Faith of the believing
Letting it all go
Peace of the receiving
The love of God to know

The Incarnation

Both man and divine
Send to every nation
Emmanuel, Jesus
The incarnation

He offers to all
This invitation
His Spirit in us
The incarnation

A practice to love
With this application
To see every soul
As the incarnation

Wonders abound
In all of creation
To treasure the beauty
Of the incarnation

Can You See My Love

Gaze into Your Presence
A question asked to me
Can you see My love?
I say, absolutely

Looking at my children
The question appears
Can you see My love?
In their innocence here

Gathering with friends
The question adrifts
Can you see my love?
In all of their gifts

Encounter of the homeless
The question once more
Can you see My love?
In the lonely and poor

Past my enemy
The question stops me
Can you see My love?
A practice to be

Simple Lessons

In this crazy world
Let us return this day
When we were a child
Things we learned to say

When we cross the street
Or decision to appraise
Walking hand in hand
and to look both ways

These simple courtesies
Always keep in mind
Saying please and thank you
To be humble and kind

Think of the other first
Let Jesus’ voice speak through
Loving one another
Just as I’ve loved you