A Simple Prayer

Just a simple prayer
No words of the needing
Find a silence space
With a will, conceding

Acknowledge here His Presence
Jesus of believing
Letting all else go
And be of the receiving

Being His beloved
Cherished and adored
Soaking in the heart
His perfect love, outpoured

Know it in the soul
This truth of treasure true
A transforming love
Will change Your whole life’s view


A beautiful light
Lit this beautiful space
This beautiful Church
Filled with beautiful grace

A beautiful song
Was beautifully sung
These beautiful souls
Become beautifully One

A beautiful scripture
From the beautiful Word
Beautiful wisdom
Soul beautifully stirred

A beautiful sermon
Beautifully taught
A beautiful challenge
To be beautifully sought

A beautiful gift
Beautifully prepared
Beauty itself
To be beautifully shared