Blessedness of Being

Gift within Your Presence
Of prayer to begin
Moving from the outside
To of the within

Closing of the eyes
Drifting to our place
From the noise to silence
Centering of grace

With a word to offer
Repeating nice and slow
Gentle be surrender
One of letting go

Dwelling of the deeper
Peace of Thee so freeing
One of only love
In blessedness of being

Don’t Want to Do it

I hear you calling
So clear when I pray
A challenge before me
Let me not turn away

I don’t want to do it
But its Your way I see
I hear Your voice asking
Would you do this for me?

My ego objecting
Let the Spirit shine through
Can’t do this myself
Oh Lord, I need You

Would you give me the grace?
Your love to instill
Would You give me the strength?
To do Your will

Pasture Green

How luscious is
Your pasture green
The fruit of simple seed

The grazing field
Of nourishment
On which the cows do feed

How beautiful
The touching be
Of mornings light new birth

The meeting place
One to receive
Of heaven’s grace on earth

It draws me in
Of colors deep
For my eyes to wonder

It comes to be
My dwelling place
For the soul to ponder

One of two views
Of feeding
Of earthly and divine

Grass filling their inside
Spirit filling mine

The Sculptor

A child watched a sculptor
All day remaining near
From a block of marble
A lion did appear

A question of amazement
Of wonder he did share
However did you know
A lion was in there?

My child, I must see
The vision in my heart
A passion of the knowing
Before I even start

A parable of teaching
The same for us be true
To learn the ways of God
To see within his view

How blessed be the way
With everything we see
The image of our God
Revealed in His beauty

A Song While Still

A song while still
The sunrise sleeps
That sparks the birth this day

A filling be
Of emptiness
That usher’s night way

A flowing song
That stills the soul
A symphony surrounding

The sweetness
Of the birdsong
Their praises here abounding

A song within
Of binding be
In Spirit here of knowing

In gratitude
Of love You share
Ahead Your gifts bestowing

A song of joy
Of light to shine
Instilling peace to share

Rejoicing in
The love of You
In binding everywhere

A Thread

Perseverance and prayer
Survived through our strife
A thread of fiber strong
In the fabric of our life

Lesson of pure trust
One out of our control
A thread of faith strong
In the fabric of our soul

A blessed soul was placed
With wisdom to avail
A thread of love strong
In the fabric of our tale

And when our days are few
We hope to clearly see
The weaver masterful
Wove a cloth of beauty

Creation to Offer

Into the morning
The rain plays its song
Peepers are chanting
Frogs sing along

Muscles relaxing
Drawing fresh air
One of becoming
Fully right here

Cast on horizon
The pre-day light glows
Soul of arising
A drawing to know

One of our being
In Spirits view here
Creation to offer
An entrance of prayer

Well with My Soul

Stilling now, my soul, my soul
One of simple prayer
You love me, I love you
It’s good that we are here

Quiet now, my soul, my soul
Of centering to be
Dwelling of the Spirits glow
Letting You find me

Open now, my soul, my soul
Of Presence to receive
Your love permeating
So easy to believe

Offer now, my soul, my soul
Letting it all go
Into trusting hands
Faith that you bestow

Listen now, my soul, my soul
Let Spirit guide this day
Though the cross be heavy
Blessed be the way

Grateful now, my soul, my soul
God of goodness, true
Let Your love move my soul
To share the grace of You

This Days’ Sunrise

Of nothing earned
Just blessed to be
Within the light
This morning, see

A miracle
Upon display
The dark of night
Was cast away

In stilling of
A peace in prayer
The love of God
Of which to share

In Spirits view
Beyond the eyes
A witness of
This days’ sunrise