Love of Seeking

I love the light of morning
Through blessed sky of blue
A soaking of within
That births the soul anew

I love the flowers blooming
The colors speak to me
A miracle of birthing
Joy of the beauty

I love the souls you send me
Encounters of this day
Which allows Your love
In sharing of new ways

I love my Lord that’s seeking
Of ways that He pursues
A drawing to embrace
To show the love of you

Church Birds

Just outside the Church
No matter when I go
The birds are full of song
It’s a beautiful show

For they come to gather
To God of all creation
Announcing of the Presence
With a great celebration

Each with their own voice
They raise their song of praise
They just can’t sit still
Each go their different ways

But they all join as One
Of their true purpose be
To worship in the way
To share their joy with me

Being of Here

A beautiful moment
Of being right here
When dwelling within
Your Presence aware

No sight to see
Nothing to hear
No past or future
Just being of here

One of the letting
The Spirit of prayer
Of binding divine
Our being of here

To be of the moments
Of being right here
Blessed be the soul
Of being to share

The Simplest Prayer

An offer of thought
Of the simplest prayer
One you can pray
Anytime, anywhere

Offered each moment
A gift that He shares
One of His Presence
He is fully here

He is “I Am”
A beautiful name
An offer of being
Right now, we can claim

Nothing prepared
No great program
Just three simple words
To offer, “Here I am”

Here I Am

One to be with God
Of Presence be aware
A prayer of, “Here I Am”
Right now, and right here

To God of the “I AM”
An offering to share
To say here, I AM
Surrender to Him here

And Gods says “Here, I AM”
His gift of Presence, be
A binding beautiful
His Spirit dwells in me

And He gives even more
A blessing of beauty
As God says, “Here, I AM”
When His loves shared through me

When I’m swamped and busy
A friend to me appears
With word of “here I am”
Let me find you there

Be of Everywhere

God is of the presence
If we are aware
We find in our soul
He is of the here

If that is true
In our time that we share
Where are the places
Where it’s easy to be here

In splendor of sunrise
On a quiet church bench
Ascent to the mountains
Of desire to quench

A practice of moment
Of being of prayer
A finding of peace
When we be everywhere

More Here

I want to be more here
Here, because I know
That you, my God, are here
Let this knowledge flow

I know that you love me
And all I need is here
Therefore, here I will sit
A grateful heart to share

To thank you, faithful God
With I AM as Your name
To thank you for your Son
To be with us, we claim

Thank you for the Spirit
So deeply flowing through
Though sometimes I don’t feel it
I know it to be true

Just as I am breathing
A feeling that’s sublime
And so, I know You’re with me
Though, don’t feel it all the time

(based upon words by Henri Nouwen)

In This Moment Here

God sent us the Spirit
Let us be aware
To be of His dwelling
In this moment here

Practice of present
To nurture and grow
The seed of the moment
Of Spirit to know

Stay where you are
Of being allow
Tasting the fruit
Of God with us now

Of Spiritually living
Of our God’s view
That’s somethings at work
He’ll reveal to you

And so be here
Be quiet and still
In fullness of moment
The soul to be filled

(based upon words by Henri Nouwen)

Sing a Simple

Song a simple song of prayer
One of joy for God is here

In this moment here to be
For I love Him and He loves me

In stilling soul, distractions flow
Smile now and let them go

A practice now, of binding deep
Our quiet place in soul to keep

Throughout this day, return to prayer
Of flowing grace, Your love to share

Healer of My Soul

When I’m feeling broken
Lord, you make me whole
Oh I am so grateful
My healer of my soul

When my troubles find me
In pain or of fear
My rock and my foundation
Lord your always here

You heal in many ways
With unfailing love
Cast away all sin
With mercy from above

Blessing gifts of Spirit
Showering of light
Peace and hope and joy
Lifts our spirit bright