A Great Mystery

If we’re really honest
A truth for us to see
That all of our life is
A great mystery

Of where we come from
Before our birth
And what happens to us
When we leave this earth

Why did things happen
Perhaps a glimpse shown
What will be tomorrow
Is not to be known

But we what can know
Is this moment here
Of one to be present
‘fore it disappears

Of sharing with God
In His trust to be
Of faith to be lived
In this great mystery

Practicing the Opposite

People of the seeking
Taking of control
Reward of our earning
For needs of the soul

Practicing the opposite
Becoming now aware
For what we need
Can be found right here

Letting God find you
Here now to believe
Will, surrendering
His love to receive

A blessed view of turning
Of center not of me
One within your being
To share the grace of Thee