Palette of Silence

Let us be attentive
May the soul be aware
For the voice of silence
Always speaks here

Though the sky be cloudy
Or darkness appears
The light of silence
Always shines clear

When feeling lonely
Do not despair
The Word of silence
Of His love is shared

The language of Presence
In the soul to hear
For the palette of silence
Forms the foundation of prayer

Prayer in My Pocket

I’m keeping a prayer in my pocket
It’s good to know Your always there
When it’s tough to cope, I know that you’ll be hope
And together this cross we will bare

I’m keeping a prayer in my pocket
A heart of compassion to care
When comes into my view, a lost soul feeling blue
And we’ll offer this blessing of prayer

I’m keeping a prayer in my pocket
Reminding the soul be aware
Our joy here this day to see You in new ways
For we find You in this moment here

I’m keeping a prayer in my pocket
On Your path my will persevere
The truth here to see that You always love me
For it’s our joy of Your love now to share

Presence So Real

A treasure of time
Of deep sense to feel
One of the soul
Your Presence so real

A glorious dwelling
Of being so free
Embraced in Your love
Of resting to be

Word of unspoken
Of sharing is known
An intimate binding
The known of unknown

Desire of the soul
A beautiful staying
Stoking the flame
A letting of praying

Warm is the aura
A halo of light
Response of the soul
Glows with delight

Find Me

I love when You find me
And make it so clear
With love that’s abundant
Your always right here

In light that is shining
Upon waters flow
The soul comes to life
With joy You bestow

You love to love
With gifts of surprise
Rejoice to bring joy
As is the sunrise

A thought of the turning
For this is true
That You always find me
When I look for You

Moments of Day

The quiet of morning
Of gentle light lay
Let this moment of peace
Feed our soul this day

Let the Spirit now guide us
Taking moments to pray
Relationship binding
In life everyday

When we see the needy
Let us serve in some way
And may we receive
When we need help this day

Our purpose, oh Lord
To give Your love away
From the source of all truth
How You love us this day

In our joys and sorrows
By You Lord to stay
Our moments of faith
May we trust you this day

Oh, how we’ll rejoice
When we hear Jesus say
How blessed where our moments
At the end of our days

Open the Drain

Open the drain
Let all flow away
Come settle the soul
Of sacred time, pray

All thoughts in our head
To dissipate
Just our being in Yours
To contemplate

Empty it all
Help us prepare
In Presence of love
Of Spirit aware

No expectations
A simple being
Your desire for us
To be of the freeing

Unique Love

Coming from our heart
Within found when we pray
Each of us is called
To love in a new way

No two be the same
Of God’s love to portray
Through us becomes incarnate
In variety of ways

Passionate or hidden
Or gentleness, convey
Each showing God’s love
In our unique own way

God’s love is so rich
And such a vast display
It takes every soul
Of each so show the way

So, let us each shine
Our light here this day
Sharing of God’s love
In our own special way

(based upon words by Henri Nouwen)

Dancing Calves

A look outside my window
Upon a pasture green
When a herd of cows
Appeared upon the scene

The calves ran side by side
Full of energy
Rejoicing in the sunlight
Played so joyfully

To celebrate this day
In jumping and their prancing
The gift that God has blessed
Found within their dancing

An older cow stood by
Their life seemed such a chore
The calves encouraged them
Hey look, there’s so much more!

It was so disappointing
When the cow just turned away
Then they looked to me
And said, what do you say?

Quiet Moments

A few quiet moments
On a soft Sunday morn
A few seeds of peace
From the Spirit are born

Nurture them gently
Fostered in prayer
A dwelling within
Of gratitude share

Basking in warm light
Allow love to grow
A surrendering will
Allows faith to flow

Consume me Lord
In this soul of mine
In core of our being
Let your joy shine

A few mustard seeds
In the soul to reside
Oh Lord stretch the branches
Of Your love far and wide