The Light

What is in the light?
That the soul only knows
Through the lens of Spirit
Of blessed gift bestowed

What the lights’ language?
Of inner voice to me
Deep in love of knowing
Word of intimacy

What is of the light?
Fulfills our deepest needing
Basking of within
Spiritual of feeding

Who is of the light?
One of grateful prayer
In receiving and of giving
Your precious love to share

explosion of pink — Paul Militaru

via explosion of pink — Paul Militaru

Thank you Paul for your pictures each morning

Pauls’ Mission

We are grateful to you
For our soul of lifting
You bless to the world
Your passion of gifting

Shared every day
Of beauty passed through
A lens of perspective
One of God’s view

For those of the way
To pause, be aware
To dwell in the scene
An entrance of prayer

Encouragement here
For each soul to see
To share with the world
How God speaks to me

The Morning

Let’s walk into the morning
And we’ll hear the new days song
One of joy, one of peace
Into which we all belong

Let’s listen to the morning
And we’ll hear a drawing song
Flowing stream, gentle wind
And the beauty of birdsong

Let’s be within the morning
And we’ll hear the Spirits song
Drawing us, loving us
With the soul to pray along

Let’s rejoice in the morning
And we’ll sing a praising song
Sharing peace, sharing long
One of joy our whole lifelong

Who’s the Greater?

Two friends were arguing
Of whom was the greater
Finally, they said
Let’s get an arbitrator

So, they asked their leader
He said “Oh can’t you see”
Your just one grain of sand
So small compared to me

Feeling so dejected
Together they did pray
They rejoiced as one
As they heard God say

You’re precious and unique
So beautiful to me
Without each one of you
The beach here would not be

In the Being

Go, go, do, do
There’s no time to wait
Accomplish this and that
No time to contemplate

Got to be productive
Keep yourself busy
Move onto the next thing
It’s so hard to be

Here’s a thought to offer
Truth within of seeing
Is God in the doing
Or is He in the being?

So, let us waste some time
In moment here to stay
Quiet now the soul
Do nothing here but pray

Listen in the silence
To a simple purpose of
To come and let our doing
Be flowing from His love

Womb of Embrace

How can one describe
The comfort of the soul
Found with Your presence
A feeling being whole

Safe within our home
Of deep security
A welcoming acceptance
Of fully knowing me

Peace within our dwelling
Of soft surrounding grace
A sweet belovedness
The womb of loves embrace

Our treasure of divine
A taste of the to be
Of love that is just is
For all eternity

A Space of Grace

How blessed be the soul
Who makes a place to pray
A nesting of dwelling
Where the soul longs to stay

A room or a corner
That is set aside
In Church or in nature
Where Spirit resides

A garden of beauty
Of touching divine
Ground of the sacred
Where Holy light shines

One of deep comfort
Of welcomed embrace
The soaking of prayer
A space full of grace

Beauty Serene

I’ll bless you a morning
Of beauty serene
No sunlight of shining
Be shown in the scene

Silence is flowing
Sky be of gray
One of still water
Of canvas to pray

Soft the Word calling
Attune soul to hear
Spirit of drawing
The soul to endear

A gifting of blessing
Of nourishment feed
Grateful God gives
Just what our soul needs

Mist of Being

Blessed be the morning
Into soul of seeing
Sacredness is shared
In the mist of being

Holy filtered light
Of gentle colors shown
In witness of the moment
Is the known unknown

Easy be the letting
Surrendering of grace
Comfort of divine
Of welcoming embrace

Of Your Presence dwelling
From the forest deep
To rolling pastures green
Into my being seep

Stillness be the offer
Peace of binding be
Drawing into One
Of beloved unity

Every living being
Offers gratitude
Safe within the sharing
Its’ inner solitude

View of the Soul

A question of man
Throughout history
What does the soul look like
Is a great mystery

Come let me show you
The Lord says to me
A view of your soul
One that I see

Such a glorious sunrise
Of mystical view
Of wonderful splendor
Of light pouring through

Oh Lord you’re the source
Oh love so divine
May we be a reflection
Of Your colors to shine