I Am So

I am so discouraged
From the debate last night
Like two spoiled children
Getting in a fight

I am so embarrassed
Of what was on display
That lies and accusations
Become the normal way

I am so disappointed
For children here to see
That these are not the traits
To lead our great country

I am so committed
This morning here to pray
With all our hope and trust
In Jesus’ hands to lay

I am so inspired
To turn the other cheek
To reach out to my neighbor
With love and peace to seek

See Through

I see your piercings
Green hair and tattoos
I don’t see the scars
Of pain you’ve lived through

I see your wrinkles
And hard to move too
I don’t know your story
Of years you’ve lived through

I see your color
Don’t walk in your shoes
I can’t pretend
I know what you go through

I can take the time
To reach out to you
To share our stories
To open our view

Let’s share in the mission
To understand
We are of one body
Loved in God’s hands

To see past the surface
Go deeper to show
The love of our God
Through you to know

Sit in The Sunrise

Let’s sit in the sunrise
And bask in the light
A warming of joy
To shine with delight

Let’s rest in the silence
And dwell in Your peace
A filling of calm
All burdens release

Let’s join in creation
And sing of our song
A binding of love
To which we belong

Let’s pray in the moment
With Presence to be
With gifts of the Spirit
So grateful are we

A Simple Action

Such a simple action
To take a moments prayer
Perhaps to change the world
At least my outlook here

One of the receiving
Blessings of God’s gifts
Peace and love instilling
Of our soul to lift

All brothers and sisters
Of new lens to see
That everything is grace
One body we be

One thought of kindness
One offer to care
One act of forgiveness
One binding to share

One drop of love
A ripple, provide
Of a rising wave
Can turn the tide

Gentle Morning

Such a gentle morning
Of white clouds on blue
Green of abundance
With light pouring through

Such a gracious morning
All of One be
Seeds of love planted
Of sweet unity

Such a peaceful morning
I don’t understand
How this gift of God
Can be corrupted by man

Such a calling this morning
To do what we can
A prayer for peace
Across this great land

His Hands Upon You

When winds of change
Of panic blows through
A blessing of faith
His hands upon you

Waves come crashing down
Fear is pouring through
A blessing of peace
His hands upon you

When the sky is cloudy
Heart of feeling blue
A blessing of hope
His hands upon you

In the dark of night
No hope in the view
A blessing of light
His hands upon you

When the world is troubled
Doesn’t know what to do
His blessings of sharing
His hands upon you

More Than You Can Bear

Word of the well meaning
In times of our despair
“God will never give you
More than you can bear”

But it is not true
In our life we’re aware
When we’re so overwhelmed
Our grief we need to share

But as a comforter
How can we show we care?
To be fully present
To be here and hear

When two or more are gathered
In a silent prayer
Bound within Gods love
We find His healing here

Called to Share

We are blessed souls
Of this we are aware
Receivers of His love
We are called to share

In times of our rejoicing
Or valleys of despair
With brothers and sisters
We are called to share

Let us be attentive
To those in need of care
Outpouring of our talents
We are called to share

In harvest of abundance
Or famines find us here
In giving or needing
We are called to share

When our last breath is drawn
A place for us prepared
For its only by His grace
That we are called to share

I Find My Treasure

Of nothing to hear
No sight to see
I find my treasure
Oh, how can it be?

In the emptiness
Of nothing of me
Food for the soul
Of blessed beauty

Of nothing deserved
All given for free
Showered in love
So generously

Not of this world
Of divinity
Transforming grace
Offers humility


Anger is a good thing
Can be dangerous too
It we are not careful
It will control you

It’s a call to action
Of justice to pursue
One to correct a wrong
The right thing to do

Revenge can be sweet
But you’ll be guilty too
For urging the victim
To take vengeance on you

Peace and justice
Go hand on hand
Do not let violence
Be part of our plan