You Shared a Picture

You shared a picture
Of beautiful view
And found in the scene
What it says about you

You were attentive
Of blessings bestowed
A treasure unspoked
Of love the Lord showed

That it touched your soul
With Spirit to lift
And you thought of us
To share in the gift

Love of the binding
You brought us into
One light of sharing
Such beauty shines through

Streaming into View

A morning full of blessings
Comes streaming into view
A drawing of the calling
To let the Lord find you

Light of the outpouring
Abundance of fresh air
Peace within the silence
For appetite of prayer

Settle now in stillness
Of humble attitude
Fill the soul of Presence
One of gratitude

Here to know His passion
Of heaven pouring through
One of the receiving
To let Him love you


I woke up this morning
And sat down to pray
God shared me a Word
Of joy to shout, yay!

Of blessings to share
Throughout this day
Rejoicing together
Let us shout, yay!

Life’s a rollercoaster
Lift our arms to say
My Lord, I trust You
With Him, to shout yay!

For we are His children
So, blessed in the way
Forever we’re loved
Our soul to shout, yay!

With Jesus our Savior
His love to portray
The light always shines
All heaven shouts, yay!

A Bucket of Ocean

Time at the beach
A child was playing
A message was shared
Of wisdom conveying

A bucket of water
The child wouldn’t share
Oh, silly one
There’s an ocean out there

God of abundance
Smiled in the view
Asking what are the buckets
That you cling to?

Money or time
Love or mercy
Grace or forgiveness
Give generously!


If they were Christians
They wouldn’t live there
They’d be generous
With the poor they would share

If he were a Christian
Then he’d clearly see
In quoting the bible
His hypocrisy

If she were a Christian
No gossip she’d share
Of others appearance
She wouldn’t care

If I were a Christian
No judgement there’d be
For all of these sins
Reside in me

No wonder the lost
All turn away
Let’s join together
With a humble heart, pray

For we are Christian
And broken are we
In need of God’s love
And His great mercy

Our Loving Place

Into our loving place
Through a being prayer
Resting in true comfort
Finding our home here

Easy be this dwelling
Where Your truth be known
That we are Your beloved
Where only grace is shown

Focus of true treasure
One of charity
Compassion for each other
Peace and unity

A prayer of desire
May Gods’ will be done
That every soul come gather
Into this place as One

We Are with You

My brother, my sister
Please know, be aware
Of this pain that you suffer
That we’re with you here

Heavy the burden
Of this cross that you bear
As we are one body
Your suffering we share

For no empty words
Of a simple cliché
Can magically
Take your pain away

Just know we are with you
And we deeply care
Throughout your journey
We lift you in prayer

As much as we’d like
We can’t take it away
In Spirit or person
We’re with you this day

In this dark valley
Let this truth be known
With our Lord by our side
You don’t walk it alone

Blessed to be with you
As you’ve been for me
For we are of One love
In Gods’ family


Blessed in every morning
A message shining clear
Of God of abundance
His blessings everywhere

Morning of sunrise
Of vision to see
The infinite ray’s
Outpouring from Thee

In this blessed morning
To the soul is heard
So many sweet songs
Are sung by the birds

Vast is the pasture
Upon the grass lays
Lord, You bless abundance
In so many ways

Oh God of love
Of generous heart
Let our soul share
Of Your gifts to impart

Lets share in the message
Your blessings outpour
When we give away
You’ll bless even more

Vessel of Peace

In peace of the morning
Of offering prayer
Within God’s creation
No evils found here

No one to slander
Control or to shove
No heart of judgement
All one of God’s love

Evil is spread
Born through man’s heart
Prayer, our vaccine
God’s love to impart

Receiving God’s love
To begin our day
A vessel of peace
To bless in His way

I Surrender to You

Help me to remember
In this day blessed anew
These words of wisdom
Lord, I surrender to You

When I am stressed
With so much to do
To know Your in control
Lord, I surrender to You

When the lonely or needy
Come into my view
And I’m so busy
Lord, I surrender to You

For a suffering friend
Or my needs to pursue
I’ll lift up a prayer
Lord, I surrender to You

Frustrated or anxious
These feelings lead to
Serve as a reminder
Lord, I surrender to You

Dependent on grace
When my life is through
Let my last words be
Lord, I surrender to You