Our God is Real

All life’s an unveiling
Of soul to reveal
Through glimpses of love
That our God is real

Of miracles birth
Of life to instill
The first act of love
Is to bless us our will

Bonding to share
Of souls blessed to me
With acts of loves blessing
Is our family

Within everyday
Such wonders to see
Of miracles blessed
In natures beauty

A knowing beyond
Found within prayer
Word of the Spirit
A miracle, share

You are Never Alone

My child, beloved
A truth here to own
I need you to know
You are never alone

When you’re feeling lost
Seek the light shone
Find in its guiding
You are never alone

When you’re feeling down
See a flower grown
A surprise of joy
You are never alone

When you feel hopeless
Glimpse, a cardinal flown
We know in Spirit
You are never alone

For throughout my life
These feelings were known
With a love that’s forever
You are never alone