Soft Colors Rise

This first winter morning
Of autumn goodbyes
A reflection of heart
As soft colors rise

A gentle transition
As this new day begins
That whispers forgiveness
As peace settles in

A seasons transition
Of opportunity
A blessing of setting
The soul’s priorities

A time of the dwelling
To empty the way
To savor the Word
In a season to pray

Open Unto

Eyes open unto
The gift of this day
Let our response
Be gratefulness, pray

Book opens unto
The gift of Your Word
Response be to savor
Let Spirit be heard

Heart open unto
The gift of Your grace
Response is of joy
Your mercy, embrace

Soul open unto
The gift of Your love
Response be to lift
Our will above

The Blessing of Light

From a night of darkness
Of blustery chill
Sky of snow falling
We awake to morn’, still

We blink once or twice
Rechecking our eyes
A miracle blessed
Of wonders surprise

A pasture of snow
Icicles formed
With a coating of ice
Each tree is adorned

Sun of arising
The scene to ignite
The world set ablaze
With the blessing of light

Every branch glows
Each blade of grass shines
Diamonds of brilliance
Proclaim joy divine

1 John 3:1

Lavished in love
How blessed to be
As children of God
And yet so are we

As children beloved
What we will be
Has not been made known
Our trust rests in He

But we do know
When Christ appears
We shall be like Him
And see Him made clear

All who have this hope
Themselves, purify
Just as He’s pure
As so glorified!

Come Into

Come look at the sunrise
And see what you see
To welcome the Spirit
To inspire thee

Come listen to morning
And hear what you hear
Settle your soul
In the Spirit here

Come to dwell deeper
To feel what you feel
The Spirit of stirring
Insights to reveal

Come into prayer
To be what you be
Though love of the Spirit
To flow here through me

Suffering, Dying and Assimilation

The flower said to the dirt, would you like to be like me?
Waving in the breeze, so sweet and pretty

The dirt said I would like that. Thru roots the dirt was claimed
It was assimilated, a flower it became

The rabbit said to flower. Would you like to be like me?
Hopping around to play, in fields of great beauty

The flower said I’d like that. A meal to rabbit came
It was assimilated, a rabbit it became

The man said to the rabbit. Would you like to be like me?
To walk, to think, to pray. Such great things to see

The rabbit said I’d like that. The hunter ate its game
It was assimilated, a man it then became

God said to the man, would you like to be like me?
Of peace and love and joy, one of divinity?

The man said I would like that. Like your Son to be.
Now die unto yourself and share eternity

Message to the World

If you were chosen
With a chance today
To speak to the whole world
What words would you say

We are one family
In which we all belong
Can’t we all agree
Just to get along

Or to quote the scripture
To let it all be heard
From John 3:16
Of the living word

Or to plant a seed
A gift from God above
A message of the truth
That you are deeply loved

As a chosen one
To live your life His way
You are a living gospel
With whom you meet this day

Found Right Here

I must do something
I must go somewhere
With a restless heart
Searching everywhere

Lost within the doing
Needing to prepare
Thoughts consumed with worry
Future holding fear

An old man sat beside me
Great wisdom he did share
Everything you need
Can be found right here

That God is of the present
Your soul to be aware
Know His perfect love
In a simple prayer

So be of the moment
With God of Presence here
With love to do something
And free to go somewhere

Measurement of Life

At the end of our lives
We count up our treasure
Was is the unit
We use for our measure

For many use years
That went by to fast
Planning for future
Or longing for past

Some use achievements
In them to reside
Of what they accomplished
A reflection of pride

Others, occasions
Of happy days
Sweet memories
All drift away

But here’s a suggestion
Gratefulness to employ
With God in each moment
It’s a life of joy

Space of Silence

Where is the silence
For Spirit to speak?
A focus this day
These spaces to seek

In Church or in sunrise
Within light of grace
When in His Presence
It’s a sacred space

In page of the Scripture
Of space between Word
To savor in soul
Let wisdom be heard

Blessed be the soul
Of practice to start
Of the space of silence
Within their own heart