The founders of
Our great country
Knew how to start
The Presidency

To swear an oath
For all to see
Upon His Word
An act, holy

It’s not just a
But truth to take

Let us all pray
In unity
We take this vow

Turn humbly
That may God shed
His grace on thee 

We Follow the Road

We follow the road
That the Lord has made
Rounding the bend
Upon gravel laid

Into the mist
Ahead the unknown
A step into trust
Of light that is shown

Spirit surrounds
In deep forest green
Fences protect
Such beauty is seen

Joy of the journey
Of the great mystery
When we walk with the Lord
Such wonders to see

Mist to Subsist

A blessing of rising
Of prayer to subsist
One to fall into
A morning of mist

A statement of faith
To give up control
To dwell in unseen
Food for the soul

The comforting Presence
Of silence is found
Easy the knowing
The Spirit surrounds

A palette of offer
To contemplate
The dwelling within
Your being so great

A Canvas of Being

The most powerful prayer
Of worthy work, divine
When the outcome is
Of a quiet mind

The more powerful
The quieter the mind
More telling, the deeper
More perfect prayer we find

Lord, let our quiet mind
Be a canvas of being
With each living moment
God’s Presence of freeing

For to the quiet mind
We will come to see
Gifts of our Gods endless

Meister Eckhart | May 2018 (Vol. XXXI, No. 5)

The most powerful prayer, one well nigh omnipotent, and the worthiest work of all is the outcome of a quiet mind. The quieter the mind, the more powerful, the worthier, the deeper, the more telling and more perfect the prayer is. To the quiet mind all things are possible.

Of a Quiet Mind

Of our soul’s desire
May we seek to find
Practicing of presence
Of a quiet mind

Fruit of faithful prayer
In freeing of control
One to rest within
The stilling of our soul

Peace that Jesus brings
Sweet serenity
Allowing of the knowing
That loves surrounding me

A mind that is quiet
Means not, to do nothing
But is free to give
For it has everything

You Want Us to Know

Unbearable pain
She had to endure
Until her decision
She could take it no more

An act of great sorrow
Of ripples flow through
Leaves those left behind
To know not what to do

Our first act to pray
To give up control
To ask for the healing
Of all our poor souls

The same God of love
Who rose up His Son
Tends to the healing
Of our loved one

In light of Your grace
You want us to know
A glimpse of Your love
Of vision to show

A tending to soul
Who suffers no more
So full of joy
Completely adored

(for a friends wife who committed suicide)

Our Colors

With the human eye
Of brokenness and sin
Lens of judgement cast
By color of our skin

Through passion of the cross
His precious blood was shed
To show on the inside
We’re the same, color red

Each of us unique
Beloved, all are we
Let’s celebrate the colors
Of our diversity

To go even deeper
Of our souls shining bright
For we all are one
The color of His light

Who is He?

He’s a God who’s gentle
Endlessly creative
Beyond generous
One so innovative

Musical, artistic
Architect of genius
An engineer so great
See of the universe

One who feels your joy
And shares His joy with you
One who could be hurt
But won’t give up on you

Who showers you with gifts
And opportunities
Whether you do or don’t
Acknowledge gratefully

Who sets you upon tasks
Will not abandon you
Even if you fail them
His love still pours through

God beyond all words
To each of us unique
Share with me your view
To dwell in His mystique

(Based upon a line from the book in Fr. Joe)

Don’t Leave Jesus Alone

A treasure of Presence
So real of believing
Another gift blessed
As I was leaving

A sign in the Church
By the door shone
Please don’t leave Jesus
Ever alone

A message to carry
Throughout my day
With eyes of the Spirit
To those of my way

The lonely, the outcast
The needy to see
And do not abandon
His Presence in me

Most Real

In this world misleading
Truth to reveal
We all want to know
What’s really real

I need to see it
Not a concept conceive
I must experience
To fully believe

Deep within prayer
I know what I feel
Here of Your Presence
Is the most real

What we see, touch and taste
Will pass away
Your Presence eternal
Always will stay