Sounds of the Morning

Sounds of the morning
The soul to discern
Of gifts that are offered
As each take their turn

Beyond the horizon
With the light of day
A flock of geese honking
As they fly on their way

The cattle are lowing
A whine of a horse
The sweet song of sparrow
The silence of course

For all draw attention
To our God to raise
In their own expression
Of unique song of praise

Air is Filled

A glow upon horizon
Casts away the night
Gift of a new day
The air is filled with light

Above the soaring geese
As one they fly along
A gift of passing by
The air is filled with song

We feel a drop of water
Of which the clouds contain
A gift of nourishment
The air is filled with rain

We know within our prayer
Allow the soul to hear it
Gift of eternal love
The air is filled with Spirit

The Beauty of our Faith

Based upon a post by Oblate Life

And here I sit before
The Blessed Sacrament
And I am reminded
That Christ is Present

On opening the door
To seek that small red light
The beauty of our faith
Our treasure of delight

I want to give Him all
In sitting here before
Making my heart burn
This longing I adore

There is something to it
When one truly believes
He’d give his life for it
This bread of life received

Of Sirach 28:30

Of wrath and anger
Beyond what’s right
Are hateful things which
The sinner holds tight

Turn now the mirror
Of my inner view
What is the anger
That I cling to?

A wound that will fester
Of pain to endure
An act of forgiveness
Is the only cure

With help from our Lord
Of His mercy to pray
As we’ve been forgiven
Let us follow His way

the Value of a moment

Based upon this post by Sandra J

The value of a moment
Sometimes we’ll never know
Until we gain perspective
Of memory to show

Snow angels in winter
Stars of a summers’ night
The smell of spring rain
Waves of oceans’ light

Let the Lord lead us
And show us the way
With vision of soul
To pause and to pray

It’s only when we see
Through eyes with His view
That allows us to capture
A moments’ value

We Come to Know

We see in the horizon
Soft the warming glow
To fill the dark with light
That we come to know

We hear in the distance
Honking in the sky
Soon a flock of geese
Will be passing by

We feel a drop of water
Fall upon our skin
And know that from the clouds
The rain will soon begin

We know within our prayer
A voice within the deep
That speaks the Word of love
In our soul let it seep

I Didn’t, You Do

I didn’t hear the whisper
I had too much to do
Of our God of calling
With words that, I love you

I didn’t see the sunrise
Venture to outside
In my comfort zone
Of my walls to reside

I didn’t take the offer
To be generous
I kept it for myself
A joy to be blessed

I didn’t say, I love you
Words for another day
Heart full of regret
For they passed away

I do know You are waiting
With no guilt or shame
With Your loves desire
Right here let me claim


Such treasures are blessed
And offered for free
Come now and claim them
For it’s so easy

A joy for the soul
Of visions beauty
The wonders of nature
Come pause and see

Forgiveness of sin
A gift of mercy
With a humble heart
Come, surrender to Thee

Of wisdom divine
Of life’s clarity
Of reading the Word
Come dwell, forsee

A conversation with God
In sweet unity
Of His precious love
Come now and be

Wash the Dishes

I wash the dishes
Growing angry
We all ate together
Asking why me

I wash the dishes
Out of duty
Pride in my heart
I’m better than thee

I wash the dishes
A chore that I’ll do
But I will grow bitter
When I get no thank you

I wash the dishes
A blessing to lift
An act of just love
I find joy is my gift

A Receiving Prayer

Listen here to Sunday morning
Spirit draws within the dawning

Calling now to rest and be
Let all go and dwell with me

A being of simplicity
Instilling of serenity

With sense of soul to be aware
The voice of a receiving prayer

Know it deep and know it true
To permeate, that I love you