Two Little

Two little feet
Stand on this piece of ground
In this universe
This earth spins around

Two little eyes
Of wonder to see
Through blessing of light
A scene of beauty

Two little ears
Hear songs of sweet sound
Within the silence
Of peace that surrounds

One little prayer
Connection of two
Shares the wisdom of God
Of love in this view

Mornings Offer

An offer every morning
Found within the light
Of a million blessings
A gifting of delight

Joy in the horizon
Peace within the air
Stillness of the soul
Presence full of prayer

Dwelling of the deep
Silence to soul brings
Rejoicing in One love
As all creation sings

Masterpiece of beauty
Of moving colors shine
A molding of the soul
A lesson of divine

Treasure here to cherish
Of morning let us be
Full of gratitude
Of centering in Thee

Love Can Sing

A gaze into horizon
Attune to arising
A symphony of beauty
How can colors sing?

A dwelling in the pasture
Peace in the flowing
Psalm of all creation
How can stillness sing?

Drawing into prayer
Of empty offering
Song of the universe
How can silence sing?

Light of inspiration
The Word of Spirit brings
Joy is overflowing
We know how love can sing!

One of the Turning

We are called to a time
Of being right here
One of the turning
By fasting and prayer

With truth of reminder
Of ashes to burn
For we’re born of dust
And to dust we’ll return

To our Lord of turning
And give Him control
Denying the body
And feeding the soul

Our focus of hope
And joy in His way
To rise in the coming
Of Easter Sunday

The Divine Paradox

Listening to Jesus
In His wisdom, find
One of the opposite
Of paradox divine

If you save your life
You will find it lost
If you lose your life
It’s found without a cost

For this world celebrates
The proud, who stand tall
But exonerates
The humble and the small

Not to fill oneself
Of selfishness, portray
But joy is found within
Giving self away

It profits a man nothing
For him to give his soul
Even if the offer
Is of the world, whole

Soul to Capture

Incredible sunrise
Of glorious light
Try taking a picture
Just can’t get it right

Feeling frustrated
Can’t frame this beauty
Now just let it go
And just let it be

To fall into the scene
To be a part of
Bathed in splendor
And wrapped in love

A moment of grace
This wisdom to know
For the soul to capture
The gifts You bestow


Sometimes loves a flower
Wrapped in beauty shone
Sometimes in a package
Sometimes it is grown

Sometimes loves a person
Wrapped in vows professed
Sometimes it’s received
Sometimes it is blessed

Sometimes loves a whisper
Wrapped within a prayer
Sometimes in the Word
Sometimes one we share

Love is always present
If we are aware
In sight, sound and soul
For God is always here

All the Little Houses

All the little houses
In their yard be
Their walls containing
A family

Each with their fears
And struggles too
Sharing of love
And dreams they pursue

Souls doing chores
Or watching TV
Some feeling happy
Others lonely

As I drive by
An offer of prayer
May God’s peace and love
Dwell with them there

Your Healing Touch

The dawning light
Of day appears
And here I rest
In peace and prayer

To friends, my Lord
I am aware
This morning brings
Challenges here

Of suffering
And healing too
Of letting go
I turn to You

Please Spirit send
You grace of touch
And let them know
We love them, much

Soul of the Infinite

With ear of the soul
The unspoken heard
Each mornings a poem
Of infinite words

With eye of the soul
Of Spirit seen though
Each sunrise a painting
Of infinite view

With prayer of the soul
Let me decrease
Blessings bestowed
Of infinite peace

With truth of the soul
Of our God above
Each moments a gift
Of infinite love

With faith of the soul
Our treasure will be
The dwelling of heaven
Of infinity