Soul to Feed

A lesson of life
Of will to concede
A good day begins
With the soul to feed

A setting of stillness
In silence to be
With a prayer of grace
And a bowl that’s empty

We find now awaiting
Our friend at the door
To open with joy
The light here in pours

With armfuls of love
Divine gifts to shower
A great celebration
The Word to devour

Gather the bounty
Of this joyous feast
In sharing this day
It will be increased

An Innocent Morning

An innocent morning
A breath of fresh air
A wonderful nature
Simplicity here

So moving, the colors
This sky of beauty
Easy the dwelling
As God meant it to be

Peace is prevailing
In sweet silent song
The light comes to rising
The soul follows along

A taste of Eden
Of a being prayer
This gift of beginning
Of each day You share


Your Presence here
The unseen is
So tangible

Food for the soul
Of thirst to quench
Of brilliant light
In love we’ve drenched

The Spirit flows
In silence heard
So clear is known
The spoken Word

This good news, share
Through us reveal
Come dwell within
Your Presence, real

Just By

Just by this prayer
Your grace to us impart
May You be our presence
Your love within our heart

Just by our eyes
With a kind heart to see
Sharing of Your vision
We’re all one family

Just by our smile
Of welcoming to know
All are Your beloved
Their true value, show

Just by our touch
Connection of the two
Joining of one purpose
Passing Spirit through

Just by our presence
Of a moment here
May we be a blessing
Of Your love to share

A Moment Transient

You shared in a moment
A sunrise of beauty
Heard within a whisper
This is all for me

Looking all around
It’s true, I was alone
An urge to find someone
To share this vision shone

The Spirits voice grew louder
But wait there’s so much more
Be still now and receive
The love that I outpour

How precious is this gift
For the soul to know
Spirit of the filling
One to overflow

A moment transient
I was quick share
Love that is eternal
Be my purpose here

A Sacred Rain

A moisture-soaked morning
Of mist in the air
Droplets of water
Appear everywhere

Each blade of grass
Is touched with dew
A baptism of love
In soaking of view

His love is so great
Of joy unconstrained
A shower of blessing
Of a sacred rain

A sacrament holy
Of blessing outpoured
Of Word that is spoken
That all is adored

A witness of prayer
To surrender to thee
Come now oh Spirit
And saturate me

Sacred Air

The soul senses something
Within the air
One of Your Presence
Surrounding right here

Beyond of describing
Yet fully aware
Gentle and fresh
Pure and so clear

As life giving water
Food for the soul
One so fulfilling
Being of whole

Deep be the drawing
Of binding to share
This intimate breathing
Itself is a prayer

Never Lose

Never lose your smile
For it shows what you see
The vision of our God
One of eternity

Never lose your sight
The vision of your soul
Faith within the knowing
That God is in control

Never lose your faith
The one truth that is known
God loves every moment
Through many blessings shown

Never lose at life
When His love you claim
A purpose of great joy
When you live in His name

You can never lose this love
Even in your trials
And you can share this love
Every time you smile