A Welcoming Spirit

In silence of morning
With soul to hear it
In the dawning light
A welcoming Spirit

Within Your Presence
Come now, draw near it
The love found within
Your welcoming Spirit

Bind with my soul
Desire, endear it
Let my presence be
A welcoming Spirit

In encounters this day
Lord, may we share it
Your embrace of love
A welcoming Spirit

Find Our Way

Can we just be honest?
Humble here today
Each of us is seeking
Just to find our way

We don’t have the answers
A mask we each do wear
Underneath the surface
Is nervousness and fear

Let us be vulnerable
Our humanness, profess
In binding of the sharing
That we are a mess

With encouragement
That we know the way
In following our Savior
Together let us pray

Be Here Now

The past is behind us
To let go, allow
To God give the future
To be grateful now

Each soul of encounter
Of blessing, endow
A binding of sharing
To be present now

Each moment receiving
To fully allow
His treasure embracing
To be loved now

This moments’ a gift
That God does endow
A practice of living
To be here now

Then There is Nothing

A door before us
Of opportunity
The Spirit of calling
Is drawing me

With a step of faith
The handle to turn
With my expectations
What will I learn?

That I’ll be blessed
With great things to do
Your beloved to serve
To be challenged too?

And then there is nothing
But to sit and to wait
Left with my thoughts
On this contemplate

To trust in you Lord
For me to know
All is in Your hands
And for me to let go

For all is Your time
Let my soul confess
A seed of planting
That You Lord, know best

Horizon of Holy Week

Upon the horizon
Let all sinners seek
The offer of treasure
Of our Holy Week

So rich are the blessings
Found in the Word
The miracles shared
Of truth that occurred

An infinite well
Through mystery deep
An eternal drawing
Of quenching to seep

Through prayer of a supper
And passions display
Comes our greatest joy
On Easters Sunday!

How Little We See

A gift in this morning
Of a blessing here
Ascending into
A cloud of prayer

Truth now before us
How little we see
So much of our life
Is a mystery

An offer so great
Assistance God sends
Of the Holy spirit
As our guiding friend

So, open our view
Of vision so great
Through eyes of the soul
To contemplate

New Beginning

A gift of new beginning
Prepared within the way
Oh Lord may you bless
A prayer upon this day

May your light shine bright
Enlightenment of grace
May joy and love abound
A prayer upon this place

Your beloved gather
Each of different goals
May they turn to You
A prayer upon these souls

And within this space
May all souls be aware
In Spirit of presence
They dwell within a prayer

A Gift Beyond

Little Church of Presence
Contains our great treasure
Blessing all for free
A gift beyond all measure

Little Church of peace
Jesus dwelling here
Blessing of divine
A gift beyond compare

Little Church of hope
Of vision here to be
Blessing heavens light
A gift for all to see

Little Church of prayer
Beloved are aware
Blessing all who enter
The gift of love to share

To Stir the Soul

In this small Church, two knees bend
Before Your altar great
In sacredness surrounding
So much to contemplate

A candle of the burning
A flame of Your great light
Pronouncement of Your Presence
A well of deep insight

A wooden pew of resting
One of a million prayers
A common human binding
Divinity to share

Empty is the pulpit
The scripture opened here
Echoes of the Sprit
Swirl within the air

The cross, statues, the flowers
Light through stain glass shines
So many are the blessings
To stir this soul of mine

Time of Unknowing

We want the answer
As worry is flowing
Turning to you Lord
In the time of unknowing

In lessons of life
Our faith is growing
Through answered prayer
In time of unknowing

For Your love is true
With gifts of bestowing
You blessed what we need
In time of unknowing

Our soul in Your hands
In Presence, now slowing
A rich, beautiful prayer
A time of unknowing