A Breath of Thought

A pause into morning
To contemplate
A taste of our God
And his power so great

In vastness of sky
Of the empty air
A pasture of peace
In Presence of here

A breath of thought
A spark of desire
Gift of the light
Of soul to inspire

Love is the word
Into of knowing
To open the spicket
Of the Spirit flowing

7 thoughts on “A Breath of Thought”

  1. Another beautiful morning prayer. I love starting my day with these! I hope you don’t mind me sharing them in my devotional blog. I always link back here to them. By the way, I ordered your book, yesterday. I’m looking forward to it!

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    1. Thank you Jeff, I’m blessed that you would like to share them. The book is a collection of my first writings of prose. Thanks again for the kind words, may you feel God’s love in a special way this blessed day.

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