To Stir the Soul

In this small Church, two knees bend
Before Your altar great
In sacredness surrounding
So much to contemplate

A candle of the burning
A flame of Your great light
Pronouncement of Your Presence
A well of deep insight

A wooden pew of resting
One of a million prayers
A common human binding
Divinity to share

Empty is the pulpit
The scripture opened here
Echoes of the Sprit
Swirl within the air

The cross, statues, the flowers
Light through stain glass shines
So many are the blessings
To stir this soul of mine

3 thoughts on “To Stir the Soul”

  1. Daryl, this blessed view takes me back to a small Lutheran church back in Montana where I worshipped for twenty some years. I can see the pulpit and its Bible, the stain glass behind the altar, the altar and its railing, and the ancient organ. The setting was intimate and beautiful.

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