A Smile Rose

In a rush this morning
When “something said to me”
Take a step outside
To look around and see

The sky was dark and gray
Before the morning light
Then upon horizon
Shone a color, bright

Capturing my gaze
This vision from above
Intensely, beautiful
In its message, love

It quickly disappeared
This slice of color, pink
A smile rose within
That made my soul think

One of Those Days

It’s one of those mornings
That isn’t so great
Spilling the coffee
And now running late

It’s one of those moments
And embarrassing view
I made a mistake
I wish, could redo

It’s one of those people
I was that would hush
Slowing me down
When I’m in a rush

Is one of these days
Let me be aware
To just stop and be
One of a prayer

What I Just Received

Dwelling in Your Presence
A prayer of just to be
A feeling deep within
One flows over me

Going on the way
Everything seems brighter
The worries of my day
Seems a little lighter

Fragrance here of peace
Light within of joy
Love in the surrounding
This moment to enjoy

I can’t really say
What I just received
But I really know
I surely do believe

What Might This Be — Into the Light Adventures

What Might This Be, I have always been one to stop and look at everything since I was a child. Photography has made it even more fun to look at all the little things that we tend to walk right by without a second glance. 139 more words

What Might This Be — Into the Light Adventures

A Reflection of Her Thoughts

What Might This Be

Blessed be the soul
One who stops to see
Pondering the question
What might this be?

Blessed be this day
To pause and slow down
Of life to be enjoyed
In all that surrounds

Blessed be the light
Of soul to reflect
Let it’s facets soak
Deep within, affect

Blessed be our God
With simple answer, of
Oh, what might this be?
It is His Word of love

The Power of Prayer

When all is hopeless
In times of despair
Remember to turn to
The power of prayer

When they say it’s useless
Don’t waste your time here
Don’t underestimate
The power of prayer

When there’s no answer
Still persevere
For we place our trust in
The power of prayer

When miracles happen
Our story to share
So, all can rejoice in
The power of prayer

Those of No Hope

A prayer for those souls
Who’ve lost their way
Of no clear direction
No hope here this day

For the lonely
In darkest of night
Who feels no one cares
And can’t see the light

For those suffering
Of pain to endure
With voice of despair
Can’t take it no more

Bless them Your light
For You are the Word
Oh Lord let us share
Your love to be heard

Time of Transition

It isn’t day
And it isn’t night
Just before morning
So soft is the light

Time of transition
In this gift anew
Arising above
Into deep blue

A speck of light shines
In this great empty space
As one soul and God
Of heartwarming grace

Let our soul reflect
The light of to be
With sparkling joy
The love that is He

Our View of God

A gaze to horizon
Lifted up high
It’s beautiful how
It holds the sky

How little the view
New insight to birth
It’s really the sky
That holds the earth

And that of beyond
That universe brings
The space that contains
We think everything

What we see of our God
Let our view of Him grow
For He is beyond
All that we know

Friend of Silence

~based upon a quote by Mother Teresa~

We need to find God
And He cannot be found
In our restlessness
And noise that surrounds

He’s a friend of silence
In nature now see
How all grows in silence
The flowers and trees

See now the stars
The moon and the sun
Moving in silence
Dwelling in One

The more we receive
In our silent prayer
In our active life
The more we can share

Is Just To

We want so many things
We have fear of death
Sometimes all we need
Is just to take a breath

We want to do great things
To go the extra mile
Sometimes the best gift
Is just to bless a smile

We want to get away
A need to go somewhere
Sometimes the best place
Is just being here

We want to be with God
Heaven of the seeing
Sometimes the best prayer
Is just one of being