Connection of Eternal

Today, I saw a sunrise
Together we were here
And like all things in life
Soon will disappear

What is of these moments
Of wisdom to reveal
Collection of the blessings
Time spent that was real

Experience of Presence
A practice of to be
One of grace surrounding
Of love consuming me

Connection of eternal
One of heavens way
Moments with our God
Will never go away

Purpose of a Song

The purpose of a song
Music to us bringing
Isn’t to get it done
But the joy the singing

Nor swaying to a beat
A movement of romance
Is not to finish it
But the love of dance

Same be true of prayer
Not something to complete
Our treasure found within
With our God, we meet

And what about each day
Not something to get through
With Gods’ love and joy
Our life has true value

A Way of Being

A step outside
Of horizon to see
Checked that off my list
On to my next duty

Engrossed in my work
With time flying by
When I caught a glimpse
Of a transforming sky

Had to get a picture
To share what God created
Couldn’t get it right
Feeling so frustrated

Now back to my list
In a big hurry
A whisper of gift blessed
Just slow down and be

A drawing of vision
God kept calling me to
Intensely beautiful
This glorious view

A reminder this day
Through this gift of seeing
Not a list of doing
But way of being

A Moment

So busy this morning
With much to do here
Claiming a moment
To dwell in a prayer

Simple the pausing
Of soul to prepare
Finding a moment
With God that we share

Peace of descending
The Spirit reveal
A moment of being
One that is real

A moving beyond
Of here to above
A moment transforms
Into eternal love

A change of direction
Of this new day begun
A moment of Presence
Becomes a moment of One

Into God’s Hands

We were disappointed
Not part our plans
Come now and place our
Trust into God’s hands

Listen to the Spirit
When challenges land
Love with our hearts, put our
Hands into God’s hands

A decision forever
To two world it spans
Always to place our
Soul into God’s hands

Remember His passion
When we don’t understand
He still loved though, we put
Nails into God’s hands

Hearts’ Desire (PS 37:4)

A moments happiness
When things went my way
And when it didn’t
It quickly passed away

And so, I was happy
When I bought something new
That quickly became old
Another thing, pursue

I couldn’t fill the void
Searching everywhere
And behold the answer
To let God find me here

Hearing of the good news
A calling of the higher
To find delight in our Lord
Who gives our hearts desire

Inspired by a comment from Donna


I saw colors this morning
Again, before the night
Blessed with two horizons
Found within the light

I had faith as a youngster
Then I turned away
Blessed with mercy great
Reborn within the way

I knew joy as a child
Again, found at life’s’ end
Blessed in simple things
Wisdom that You send

Don’t know where I came from
Don’t know where I’ll go
Blessed with precious faith
For Jesus I do know

Two Offers Everyday

Come listen all souls
Two offers everyday
Miracles of calling
Of beautiful displays

Found within the sunrise
A gift for all to share
In celebrations joy
Awaken to a pray

Last light of the day
Of comfort to embrace
Surrendering to mercy
A blessing shared of grace

And of the in between
More gifts that abound
In facets of His love
Gifts of Spirit found

All Your Desires

Tell me your desires
Let’s offer up a prayer
Through the grace of Jesus
We’ll find the answer here

A need to be loved
A purpose to find
Known in the Word
His way is divine

You want to be rich
With more than money
The treasures of heaven
Are offered for free

You don’t want to suffer
Removing your fear
A friend in Jesus
Your cross, He will bear

You don’t want to die
Want security
He is the promise
For all eternity

Is it this simple?
These gifts to receive
Lord help us to say
Oh yes, we believe!

Just a Seed

Just a breath of morning
Drawing of fresh air
Surrender of exhaling
Spirit stirring here

Just a glimpse of sunrise
Soaking of insight
A knowing of divine
Of Spirits’ guiding light

Just a pause of prayer
Connection of above
Dwelling in the truth
Of Spirits’ warming love

Just a taste of silence
Basking in of peace
Greater of the calling
Of me to release

Just a seed of planting
Of nurturing to know
Soaking, dwelling, basking
To let the Spirit grow