Light of Reflection

In Church of the dwelling
An insight to gaze
The light of reflection
In so many ways

Through the stained glass
On bright and gray days
A humble gift shared
On altar it lays

Of gold tabernacle
On candlesticks, blaze
Of instruments, holy
Of crucifix praise

To stir deep our prayer
Your insight, amaze
The reflection of soul
Of Your light, always

5 thoughts on “Light of Reflection”

  1. Last night I held Exposition and Benediction. I was alone in the Church for an hour before only one parishoner came to join at Benediction. But the light low in the sky came through the Narthex, On the leg of the granite Altar, the image of Jesus looking at me. It was the stain glass from the front being projected onto the Altar. You see, I was never alone anyway. Ever. Happy Holy Thursday.

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    1. Never Alone

      In the week that’s Holy
      A blessing to prepare
      As the sun was setting
      A sacred time here

      Alone in the church
      Only one person there
      A great Exposition
      Offered with prayer

      From the Narthex
      Through stained glass, appeared
      On the leg of the altar
      A vision was shared

      An image of Jesus
      A miracle, shone
      That spoke, my beloved
      You are never alone

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