The Purpose of Prayer

A thought to consider
With time that we share
Our intention of heart
What’s the purpose of prayer?

If we just do it
Out of duty
We will grow bored
No value to see

If it is only
To get what we chose
When it’s not what we want
Our faith we will lose

If is one of love
Our will of the giving
A relationship grows
Of eternal life, living

A Divine Whisper

Blessed this moment
Of light upon earth
The sky finds its’ color
This day given birth

A moments reflection
Of will offered here
Arise now oh soul
As a being of prayer

In sacred silence
Holy light from above
A whisper divine
Breathes a breath of love

You are not what you do
You are not your fears
You are not what they say
Release all that here

As the beloved
Come be yourself true
Reborn as My child
Let My love shine through

One Word This Day

A blanket, a presence
A grace flowing through
A comfort of knowing
This day covers you

One of beyond
Of promise instilled
Spirit of gifting
May you be filled

Of fragrance, surrounding
Inside and out
A sense of the soul
A feeling devout

All worries and fears
This day to cease
The Word that is spoken
Let it be, one of peace



Awakened this morning
With first thought to pray
A big moment of life
Awaits here this day

We have prepared
With acts and of prayer
Our desire of hope
With You, Lord we share

We look to horizon
With vision to see
Here in the silence
What the Spirit says to me

Let there be peace
Wrapped in My embrace
For always know
Your covered in grace

And we respond
Lord, whatever Your plans
We place our trust
Into Your hands

The Picture Entire

Before me this morning
Horizons’ beauty
Dark clouds and light
Which will I see?

Perhaps it’ll rain
Or clouds pass away
Prepare now my soul
To be either way

Be not of the focus
Of worry pursue
A prayer now of being
Of the greater view

Will of accepting
The picture, entire
The masterpiece of
The journey of higher

What You Hear and Say

Oh, dear God
What do you hear
When we offer
Up a prayer

Maybe need
Maybe fear
May be selfish
May be sincere

Whatever form
You do not care
But our being
That we share

For you know
Before we start
The word we hold
Within our heart

And Your response
To how we pray?
The Word of love
Is what You say

A Prayer for You

Thought of you this morning
A prayer to God, impart
Desire to bless you
So deeply in my heart

I said a prayer for you
It was one of peace
To settle in your soul
All your fears to cease

May His Word flow through
To know it in your soul
Let it be of the deep
That God is in control

May you be truly blessed
A source of comfort here
Know within loves binding
How much we deeply care

Rest within the knowing
Our souls to be prepared
Whether joy or sorrow
Together we will share


Here, before our eyes
Of humans given birth
Our final resting place
Our bodies in the earth

Unlike vegetation
That never came to know
That found in its death
Did it ever grow?

We see the fruits of life
By choices that we reap
Do we seek the light?
Growing our roots deep

In the end we’re planted
To a great mystery
Through faith will we grow
Into eternity

Take Off Your Shoes

Here is a practice for us to see
Take off your shoes to live sacramentally

Realize the Presence of God that surrounds
That you are standing upon holy ground

An act of thanksgiving that we enter into
Of life sacramental in our purview

With physical contact, there is no greater way
To get in touch with reality this day

To feel to the difference on grass, sand for fun
Or on smooth granite warmed by the sun

On the forest floor or mud with a smile
To let the pebbles hurt us for a while

There are so many ways to gratefully touch
God’s healing power the earth offers so much

Let us take off the dullness of being used to
Touch the freshness of life with a sacramental view

From “The Way of Silence”

One Voice of Pentecost

When came the time that was fulfilled
They gathered in one place
And suddenly came from the sky
A mystery of grace

A noise of like a driving wind
And filled their house, entire
And then it did appear to them
Just as tongues of fire

It separated into parts
Of each it came to rest
And all were filled by grace of God
With Holy Spirit, blessed

And they spoke with different tongues
But all did hear the same
That echo’s still unto this day
That Spirit does proclaim