Window to Window

In blessed adoration
Connection we find
A window to heaven
Through body divine

In a blessed prayer
Past senses we span
A window of soul
Through body of man

In way of the Spirit
Connection of two
Window to window
Light passing through

In way of the way
The fruit of this prayer
A blessing this day
Of this light to share

4 thoughts on “Window to Window”

  1. Amen! Daryl, this poem speaks to me with its hope-filled message. “Window to Window” is a worthy title. I pray God’s grace continues to help me keep my own windows of faith and hope open wide.

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  2. Wonderful poem…I love how you weave these lines together, creating a perfect ‘peace’. So very well-done this poem…one I wish all the world could read. And, I love the title!!! Love the line with the light passing through…a light to share!

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