Gods Narration

Foster our inner world
Attitude of praying
To let the Spirit flow
His Word of conveying

To the discovery
In any situation
Anything or person
Is our God’s narration

His Word addressed to me
A gift that He imparts
If I listen deeply
With the ears of my heart

I won’t always catch it
So much will pass me by
But let me be aware
Of this new prayer to try

(inspired by words from “The Way of Silence”)

Prayers Still

Though we haven’t written
I want you to know
That our prayers for you
Continue still to flow

One to fill your senses
Be Spiritually aware
The Presence of HIs love
Covering you here

A taste within of heaven
Peace of His embrace
Gifts of the outpouring
To shower you in grace

For it is our joy
This prayer that we impart
For you hold a special
Place within our heart

Flowers Evoke

Inspired by a post from Sandra

Flowers Evoke

Flowers evoke all our senses
Sight, smell, and touch are a few
Find here a sense of wonder
Of will to surrender unto

See of the colors, uniqueness
A facet of the greater view
Find here a sense of reflection
In love of the light pouring through

Inhale the sweet scent of beauty
To fill the space where we’re empty
Find here a sense of the drawing
The fragrance of humility

Feel what the soft petals offer
Dependence on life opens wide
Find here a sense of receiving
So grateful for all God provides

Receive a blessing of wisdom
A lesson of simplicity
Find here a sense of our purpose
To be who God made us to be

Gaze on a seed of beholding
To nurture its’ fruit tenderly
Find here a sense our hope
A glimpse of our faiths’ legacy

Know of the gift of His Presence
With lens of perspective anew
Find here the sense of reminder
The beauty that God sees in you

This Mornings Prayer

Draw in the fresh air
Turn gaze up high
Losing oneself
In the blue sky

Exhale completely
Fill senses deep
Allowing the present
Moment to seep

Sounds of surrounding
Of comforts embrace
Blessings of peace
Born by Your grace

Soul of the filling
Our being of here
Light of consuming
Of this morning’s prayer

A Taste

The mist in the morning
A glorious view
Insights of drawing
Of light pouring through

A vision of beauty
Inspiration divine
A movement within
Stirs this soul of mine

A prayer of attuning
Of whisper, bestow
For this is a taste
Of the heaven I know

Of Spirit and light
Of Father and Son
Through love of accepting
Let us all, be as One

Here to Horizon

A view from the hilltop
Of pause captures me
A moment of stilling
Of vision to see

From here to horizon
The soul drifts away
Simply by gazing
Of being to pray

One of perspective
Becoming aware
Entranced in the present
To be more fully here

A practice of focus
Of heaven above
When gazing on Him
We are filled with His love

Breath of the Spirit

A moment of morning
Within the sunrise
A sacred vision
Was blessed to my eyes

The breath of the Spirit
In light did appear
That of the unseen
Through mist in the air

It blessed the pasture
The grass and the tree
Anointed the earth
And surely touched me

It moved along quickly
To another place
Sharing and spreading
The gift of God’s grace

It leaves us to ponder
With a prayer to lift
How will we share
The grace of His gift

Just ‘Cause

Just ’cause I ain’t textin’
Just ’cause I ain’t postin’
It ain’t my way of showin’
I’m just not that kind

It don’t mean I ain’t thinkin’
It don’t mean I ain’t prayin’
I just want you knowin’
You’re always on my mind

LOL’s mean nothin’
‘Moji’s are not somethin’
Want to hear you laughin’
Love to see your smile

So, let’s go a walkin’
You and I just talkin’
Grateful to be spendin’
Time with my sunshine

So, let’s go a dwellin’
On what Amazon ain’t sellin’
Watchin’ the sun settin’
Investin’ in our time

Colors Pastel

A prayer of the morning
Of blessing to dwell
The light filters through
Of colors pastel

To settle the soul
In a soft warm embrace
Love in the Presence
A flowing of grace

An invitation
Of drawing within
Gentle the offer
In stillness, begin

To be of my Being
In One to belong
Desire to fill
Of which the soul longs

Intention Overflowed

Intention this morning
To lift you in prayer
Appealing to God
A gift may He share

A blanket of cover
Of knowing increase
A feeling surrounding
Of His Presence of peace

Through the grace of God
Of a blessing to see
The gift I prayed for you
Also, flowed to me

Let us go together
Joyfully this day
Sharing in the mission
In giving it away