Paint You a Morning

Let me paint you a morning
From a palette of pink
It’s the color of joy
Tell me what do you think?

I’ll mix in some blue
In case you feel low
I am always with you
My compassion to know

And on the horizon
A bright yellow light
To show that my hope
Is always in sight

I’ll touch the pasture
With purple royalty
So that you always go
With my divinity

Change of Focus

It can be frustrating
Things beyond my view
Today let me focus
On what I can do

I desire so much
Change my will to profess
Not things that I want
But on things that I’m blessed

So many places
In this world to see
May I be present here
And view it’s beauty

Of my perspective
Let it be reversed
Not to focus on me
But to put others first

Let me not fool myself
Because it’s not about me
But only by letting
Gods’ love flow through me

After the Sun Comes Up — Into the Light Adventures

After the Sun Comes Up , Oh how the garden sparkled this morning. There was a heavy fog early this morning and as the sun was rising and the fog started to disappear, I went out to look at my garden. 103 more words

After the Sun Comes Up — Into the Light Adventures

Some more thoughts on Sandra beautiful post

After the Sun Comes Up

A veil of the lifting
As fog disappeared
Into the garden
A vision is shared

Receiving of blessing
To watch the dew shine
The dwelling of Spirit
Through shadows, divine

Droplets of water
Of gifting so bright
Shimmer and sparkle
To the hearts’ delight

The light of world shining
For our eyes to see
A sea of light dancing
Of joy here to be

Of God’s holy touch
Of blessing, impart
A gift that is sure
To lighten the heart


How loud is the silence
Of Your Presence here
Word of the soul
Flows in the air

How bright is the darkness
When we close our eyes
Of vision beyond
This works disguise

How great is the touch
Within solitude
One of the being
Of deep gratitude

How filling this food
The communion of Spirit
Love overflowing
We can’t wait share it

In My Light

Come sit in My light
In and above
Bask in the warmth
Of knowing My love

Come rest in My light
In silence of song
Safe and secure
That you always belong

Come dwell in My light
Of healing embrace
Of unending mercy
Your covered in grace

Come follow My light
With love intervening
My purpose you’ll find
That gives life your meaning

A Morning of Blessing

With a simple pause
Found in the view
A morning of blessing
Of light pouring through

Nothing to earn
And nothing to do
Just of the receiving
A gift blessed from You

One of the drawing
The feeling, belonging
Found in the comfort
The deepest of longing

This simple being
Of aligning the way
Discovers the treasure
Of pausing to pray

Prayer of the Tree and Me

When I awake
Out my window to stare
Each morning I find you
A being of prayer

Firmly devoted
Each season you grow
Through wind and through rain
In heat and in snow

In season of plenty
In barrenness too
With blossoms of joy
You surrender unto

What is your secret
The silence, the light?
The soil, the water?
Please share your insight

It’s not complicated
I am what I be
Grateful for blessings
God gifts to me 

A Treasure to Wander

A wander to
Our days gone past
The time went by
A bit too fast

A way of sweet
Not of this life’s

When everything
Was family
A comforting

My happy place
Of memory
The grace of which
You blessed to me

Oh Mom and Dad
I hope you know
This treasure to
I often go

Permission to Be

We are of the doing
Ones who take control
Intellect of mind
Ignoring of the soul

Taking all for granted
Vision of the screen
Lost within the static
Our life a figurine

End now this illusion
Know true reality
That all comes from God
Come rest in His mercy

For nothing we deserve
Start with humility
To turn and ask of Him
Permission here “to be”

Summer Rain

If the mind is willing
A gift of blessing found
In a summer morning
A soft loving sound

Of the cool rain falling
Gentle on the ground
Soothing to the heart
Of comforting surrounds

Finding of just being
Letting Spirit soak
A movement of the soul
Of stirring it involves

A welcoming of gifting
The grace that God provides
To nourish all the earth
In me this grace resides