Prayer of the Tree and Me

When I awake
Out my window to stare
Each morning I find you
A being of prayer

Firmly devoted
Each season you grow
Through wind and through rain
In heat and in snow

In season of plenty
In barrenness too
With blossoms of joy
You surrender unto

What is your secret
The silence, the light?
The soil, the water?
Please share your insight

It’s not complicated
I am what I be
Grateful for blessings
God gifts to me 

6 thoughts on “Prayer of the Tree and Me”

  1. Beautiful and true wisdom from the tree which takes all of its energy and strength from God. In these parts its no secret that I’m a huge tree huger and lover. Been brought to tears to see some of my own felled or an other’s. One simple fact tells us so much about how the magnificent trees in their key process of life produce life sustaining oxygen for we humans and other animal life on earth while absorbing our by product of utilizing that O2 the remaining CO2! Thanks for caring about trees..
    I’m transplanting some sapling oaks to my own property that I happened upon when hiking with my dog that were just popping up out of the earth in an open space area that gets regular mowing by state maintenance; so wouldn’t they survive there!

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  2. This one reminds me of a song by Rich Mullins, “The Color Green.” “The wrens have returned from their nesting, in the hollow of that oak where it’s heart once had been/ He lifts up his arms in a blessing for being born again.”

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