Mornings Question

A gift each morn’
When we awake
This sacred time
Do not forsake

Of humble heart
Appeal to pray
Please gift to me
Here, one more day

Permission of
The soul to be
Your holiness
Breathed into me

With grateful heart
The soul be blessed
The joy within
His Word of “Yes!”

Candles’ Light

When it’s overwhelming
In the valley of night
A thought for the dwelling
A truth of insight

All the worlds’ darkness
Of power and might
Can’t extinguish the flame
Of one candles’ light

So, let your light shine
For all to see
That of your good works
With His love joyfully

With a heart of faith
And soul quick to say
To glorify God
And His heavenly way

Embrace of Morning

You bless me here
A misty morning
A stirring breath
Silence adorning

You bless me here
A gentle light
Of colors depth
Of beauty bright

You bless me here
A moments’ being
Of dwelling in
A vision seeing

The light of love
Of Spirits way
In Your embrace
I long to stay

Praying In One

In solitude of being
Here my Lord, I find
With all of my beloved
I pray with you in mind

For all those suffering
A prayer with them, impart
With your burdens share
Compassion in my Heart

Those who’ve gone before me
Their love I hold deep
And their sacrifice for me
I pray in my soul deep

Through mind, heart and soul
As rays flow through the sun
In being of our souls
We all pray as one

Gift of the Sunrise

Igniting the sun
He set it ablaze
Through millions of miles
He sent golden rays

The entire earth
From dark of the night
He set it spinning
He turned it just right

He mixed up some colors
And painted the sky
A masterpiece moving
A feast for the eyes

A gift of sunrise
In hopes we will see
How He moves the heavens
To know He seeks me

With Every

With every breath
A thought to sink in
The Spirit surrounds
Draw it within

With every heartbeat
A reminder of love
For each moment of life
Is a gift from above

With every sunrise
Our cross we can cope
For the light of Gods peace
Is the source of our hope

With every encounter
Of each soul this day
A practice of blessing
For each of them, pray

The greatest commandment
In this practice we find
We love our Lord God
With our heart, soul and mind

Here This Moment

Here this moment
Here Your grace
Here Your Presence
Loves’ embrace

Here Your souls
Here the broken
Here the offer
Word is spoken

Here the stirring
Here a prayer
Here the step
Of love to share

Here the binding
Here the choice
Here with Spirit
Souls rejoice

My Longing

It is my longing
Of time that we share
In peace of the morning
Of a silent prayer

To sit in the sunrise
Of beautiful view
In fragrance of stillness
With light pouring through

A Spirit of being
To dwell here with You
Of wonder to wander
Of drifting into

To listen within
The voice of above
A vision of beauty
Your facets of love

With the Ear of Soul

Bear with me a moment
A thought for us to share
Starting with this premise
That God is everywhere

And He is seeking us
With his love to bring
Our God is all creation
Is found in everything

The life within each soul
From the light of one
If we see with love
He shines through everyone

And through all these things
His voice can be heard
With the ear of soul
Silence is His word

Found in every moment
Through silence of his word
May the soul be still
To let God’s voice be heard

A blessing of practice
For the soul to see
The gift of the vision
Of Gods great beauty

Gods Narration

Foster our inner world
Attitude of praying
To let the Spirit flow
His Word of conveying

To the discovery
In any situation
Anything or person
Is our God’s narration

His Word addressed to me
A gift that He imparts
If I listen deeply
With the ears of my heart

I won’t always catch it
So much will pass me by
But let me be aware
Of this new prayer to try

(inspired by words from “The Way of Silence”)