Of A Prayer

When frustrations
In this day, appear
Instead of complaining
Let’s offer a prayer

When a soul comes to mind
We dislike or we care
Let’s cover them now
With a blessing of prayer

When our thoughts arise
Of worry or fear
Let’s give them unto
Our Lord, with a prayer

When we are bored
Opportunity here
To fill our soul
With the joy of a prayer

A practice this day
Of our lives to share
The love of our Lord
With the gift of prayer

Bring Me

Bring me to this moment
The soul to be aware
To be fully present
Right now, and right here

Bring me to my senses
To taste and feel and see
Of the abundant ways
That God is blessing me

Bring me to be grateful
For nothing I deserve
Let joy fill my heart
A turn to go and serve

Bring me to be humble
With His gifts to share
Reflection of His love
Shining everywhere

Broken Glass

Though we try to appear
As a vessel of one
We are broken glass
By the sin that was done

All imperfect pieces
Edges that are rough
Of no use or value
Just not good enough

Heavens a mosaic
Bound with love and grace
Vision of an artist
Each piece has its place

It’s so beautiful
Through the light divine
How so brilliantly
The broken glass shines

Light Upon Water

Light upon water
That sparkles and shines
Captures my soul
Of drawing divine

Sometimes a thousand
Diamonds to see
Announcing a vison
Of Gods great glory

Or waves of moment
Of offer to lift
As beacons of light
Shares joy as their gift

Once in a while
Of pouring within
As a pool of light
Draws the soul in

All that I know
Is it’s drawing to pray
That moves me beyond
To shine the same way

A Friend of the Mist

Of advancing years
Morning prayers to subsist
I’ve come to be
A friend of the mist

Of water and field
Of dwelling to drift
From earth unto heaven
Of being to lift

A lesson of soul
Of a time to be
Of one to let go
When the Lord calls me

A lesson of practice
Of faith here to see
One of a moment
Or eternity

Unspoken Prayer

In fragrance of Spirit
All burdens to lift
To dwell in unthinking
Is such a gift

A willing surrender
Into serenity
To be of just being
A feeling so free

A Word of wisdom
Completely aware
To know in unknowing
It’s love that is here

An intimate moment
Of binding to share
In present of Presence
Of unspoken prayer


Return to the basics
A question of foundation
Who do I think I am
What’s my mind’s narration

Of how I view the world
The lens through which I see
Spurring thoughts and actions
My true identity

Take this thought to prayer
Let Spirits voice be heard
Aligning of the soul
To His holy Word

Repeating here this truth
Our grateful heart be blessed
You are my beloved
On you my favor rests

Message In The Wind

Into dawn of morning
The Spirit to reveal
But in the cold and dark
Nothing did I feel

Then a gentle movement
A gift of winds’ caress
With message of purpose
Of ways for one to bless

To move dark clouds along
To help with letting go
Of giving wings a lift
The joy of dance, bestow

In ways of the unseen
Movement of the Spirit
Drawing its stirring deep
Of gifts to go and share it

Hope within the light
Compassion, love, and care
Encouragement of Word
Of finding heaven here

Two Sides of the Moon

Awakening into
The last light of night
A moments reflection
Of blessed insight

Two sides of the moon
Foreshadow the way
Of the passing night
And the coming day

An offer to soul
A choice of seeing
What will I be
In this new day of being

To turn from darkness
Cast away sin
To rejoice in the light
To shine your love within

A Blessing of Grace

Come here my beloved
Fall in my embrace
Allow me to gift you
A blessing of grace

To draw our hearts closer
Of love to outpour
To know you’re a treasure
And how much you’re adored

In arms of surrounding
May you find safety
A place of protection
Of peace cover thee

Found in the grip
Of hands holding tight
Are ones here to help you
And serve with delight

This blessing a glimpse
I hope that you find
Of the perfect blessing
From our God divine