Gods’ Love

Can we think of a love?
That’s unconditional
One so intimate
And so relational

Love that’s everlasting
Of many facets shown
Peace, mercy and joy
A perfect grace be known

What is eternal love?
Let our soul believe it
For it will take forever
For us to receive it

And all blessed for free
This gift beyond measure
Can we cherish it now?
As our greatest treasure

7 thoughts on “Gods’ Love”

    1. Awakening into
      The last light of night
      A moments reflection
      Of blessed insight
      Two sides of the moon
      Foreshadow the way
      Of the passing night
      And the coming day
      An offer to soul
      A choice of seeing
      What will I be
      In this new day of being
      To turn from darkness
      Cast away sin
      To rejoice in the light
      To shine your love within

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