Gods’ Love

Can we think of a love?
That’s unconditional
One so intimate
And so relational

Love that’s everlasting
Of many facets shown
Peace, mercy and joy
A perfect grace be known

What is eternal love?
Let our soul believe it
For it will take forever
For us to receive it

And all blessed for free
This gift beyond measure
Can we cherish it now?
As our greatest treasure

Prayer of a Bitter Heart

A challenge this morning
Of this day to start
As I tried to pray with
A bitter heart

Convinced I was right
The other hurt me
My cheek here to turn
And seek harmony

So now an offer
With bitter heart pray
You welcome this gift
And take it away

Now free to receive
My peace here, my child
Go now in love
And be reconciled

A Vision of Grace

Upon a tree barren
Of gentle embrace
Awakening into
A vision of grace

Spirit of dwelling
Of treasure divine
Through mist of igniting
The blessed light shines

Each drop of dew
Sings with delight
As all of creation
Is anointed with light

A moment of being
Soul fully aware
Surrendering into
A pasture of prayer

Of nothing deserved
A gift from above
Soul of receiving
Unconditional love

The Real — Deacon Gerry Palermo

Eucharistic Adoration precedes Eucharistic celebration.

The Real — Deacon Gerry Palermo

The Real

I treated it 

When Monstrance was 
Set before me 

A moment of  

Came over me 
So painfully 

And sweeping through
So joyfully 

The blessing of

Come, rest, learn, eat
Of Presence be

And now I see
With clarity

The truth within
This mystery

He really is

Always to Here

The way my mind goes
Driven by fear
Thoughts of the future
Are, away from here

The answers the same
The direction of prayer
It seems that it leads me
Always to here

Here in this moment
Becoming aware
One of Your Presence
A being of here

Where love is complete
Through blessings You share
A focus of dwelling
To be fully here

Every Morning

And every morning
You’re there to greet me
With a beautiful vision
Of stirring beauty

With sky and pasture
The clouds and the light
All of creation
Sings with delight

The whole earth of moving
Each dawning unique
One facet of love
Of way that You seek

Needing of nothing
All blessed for free
With offer of prayer
Us simply to be

Lord, let me respond
This treasure to claim
In sharing Your love
May I go do the same

Sweet Nothing

I kneel at the altar
In an empty church, be
The warmth of Your presence
Here surrounds me

One of this moment
Of welcomed embrace
A gifting of now
Is blessed by Your grace

No past or future
No worries no fear
No desires or needs
Just to be with You here

Offered in moment
Of surrendering, fall
Found in sweet nothing
Our being of all

Can We See Heaven

In awe of such beauty
Above in the skies
Can we see heaven
In a sunrise?

From the mountain top
Of perspective anew
Can we see heaven
In this spectacular view?

A moment of Presence
Of intimate prayer
Can we see heaven
Right now, and right here?

A practice of loving
To see past the disguise
Can we see heaven
In every souls’ eyes?

Missing, Hole and Portal

They told us of stories
Of those gone before
Of the impact they made
By the love they outpoured

How their hearts miss them
Of the hole left behind
That was filled by the Spirit
Of a new way to find

And now one by one
They go on their way
We find we are the ones
With a hole here this day

We share of their stories
In this wisdom we see
That the hole is a portal
Of divine mystery

Led by the Light

A lesson Mom taught me
That I cling to tight
A vocation of calling
Is led by the light

In the early dawning
A heartwarming sight
She’s packing our lunches
In the morning light

She’s making a home
In these four walls of white
Cleaning and scrubbing
By the mid days light

With homework and driving
She sings with delight
In making our dinner
In the setting light

With prayer and a story
She tucks us in tight
It’s love she is living
Under the stars light