Of the worlds’ blue zones
They did a study
The secrets of lives
Great longevity

With a sense of belonging
They serve and they give
They love one another
In community, live

With food that is balanced
From fresh gardens, choose
And chores of their passion
All their muscles, they use

Grateful for blessings
They are happy to share
They live in the moment
Right now, and right here

They worship together
Of one body belong
With faith in our God
A life lived well and long

Sacred Soaking

Graced within Your Presence
Such mysteries we find
In the sacred soaking
Of Your light divine

Heaven flows within us
Of permeating prayer
For every breath we draw
Is of holy air

One of contemplation
Love within so freeing
And in this becoming
We’re a blessed being

In this transformation
Of gifting to prepare
To go into this world
With His Word to share


As baby we’re born
Joy found within
A blessing to all
As our story begins

Through grace we’re reborn
Forgiven of sin
The chosen one sent
A new life begins

Each days blessed anew
Let the past be what’s been
Let’s rejoice and be glad
As a new page begins

When our body dies
To His mercy fall in
Our heaven to find
What we’ve loved will begin

Where Are My Thoughts

A question to ponder
Throughout our day
Where are my thoughts?
Am I living astray?

Are they lost in?
What I must do
Thinking of goals
I need to pursue

Are they consumed?
Of threats, I’m aware
Is my view of dwelling
From a place of fear

Let’s be of this moment
Our thoughts to profess
To see, smell and feel
The ways we are blessed

Let me be absorbed
In what I sense here
When it’s of Gods’ Presence
It’s a living prayer

Not Passed On

When it is their time
Our loved one is gone
The words that we use
Is that they’ve passed on

Their body buried
But their love resides
At home in our heart
Deeply inside

A relationship new
Their presence aware
Wherever we go
Can know that your here

One with our God
A new way of seeing
I prefer the phrase
“You’ve come into being”

Bed of Silence

In a bed of silence
We come to rest
With a blanket of light
Our soul to be blessed

Warm in the comfort
Safe and secure
Finding in faith
Your love so pure

Into Your dwelling
Of grace to know
We surrender unto
A sweet letting go

A gift of this being
Of unspoken prayer
In building our trust
We add a layer

Purpose and Meaning

Purpose and meaning
Of equal value
But in our world
The balance is askew

For purpose, is doing
Control in our hands
For us to accomplish
That of our plans

But meaning is deeper
Us to be aware
The gift of receiving
What’s blessed to us here

We see in a child
This curiosity
To be in the moment
Absorbed, totally

Let’s focus on meaning
A practice this day
We’ll find we are living
In a greater way

(Based upon “The Way of Silence”)

Seeds of Planting

Counting our blessings
Shapes our attitude
Arising with joy
From seeds of gratitude

In resting in silence
A spark of insight
Through a sacred song
A seed of the light

Dwelling in scripture
The Spirit is heard
Wisdom of gleaning
From seed of the Word

With prayers of the planting
There’s one thing we know
Through fruit of the Spirit
These seeds always grow

God gave us tears

There is a sacredness
Found within our tears
Not a mark of weakness
But of power, here

And they speak more
Then 10,000 words
Could ever be

They are messengers
A deep contrition of
Overwhelming grief
And unspeakable love

When more than we can bear
Our loving God ingrained
The ability to cry
To cleanse away our pain

See in their reflection
The truth of this insight
Indwelling compassion
In each drop shining bright

From Hear God In Other Voices


Hear God in Other Voices

I have purchased a wonderful little book called The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse. It has wonderful pieces of wisdom and today I read “Tears fall for a reason and they are your strength not weakness.”

The way our world is today many tears are falling. Sometimes all the pain becomes more than we can bear. However, our loving God gave us the ability to cry. Those tears rolling down our cheeks can cleanse some of the pain. God did not promise that life would be without pain. Only that he would be there with us…and to help….he gave us tears.

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