Two Hands

Two hands come together
Intent of offering
Speaking the unspoken
Of stilling moment, bring

Fingers interlocking
A binding into One
Human and divine
Connection here, begun

Thumbs forming a cross
The last vision to see
As eyes close into prayer
Through His grace and mercy

A little space of holding
An offering of will
With emptiness of needing
The Spirit here to fill

The Treasure Of

The treasure of friendship
Growing closer of
When it draws us closer
A light of Gods’ love

The treasure of a moment
Is one we only see
With eye of Gods’ vision
Etched in our memory

The treasure of our story
Only has value
Told within the Word
Perspective of Gods’ view

The treasure of our lifetime
When Gods’ love is known
And sharing of His kingdom
Through our giftings shown

Wisdom of this treasure
Of simplicity
For it Is a binding
Unto eternity

Value of a Moment

The value of a moment
Sometimes we’ll never know
Until we gain perspective
Of memory to show

Snow angels in winter
Stars of a summers’ night
The smell of spring rain
Waves of oceans’ light

Let the Lord lead us
And show us the way
With vision of soul
To pause and to pray

It’s only when we see
Through eyes with His view
Allowing soul to capture
A moments’ value

A Walk in the Fall

Don’t you just love
A clear blue sky
Such leaves of beauty
In air passing by

Don’t you just love
A cool autumn breeze
Caressing the skin
Sets the soul at ease

Don’t you just love
A walk in the fall
To breathe the fresh air
With no cares at all

Don’t you just love
The simple gift
The grace of our God
With our soul to lift

Shared Thoughts

Thank you each so much for your very kind comments!

I write down my thoughts
The fruit of my prayer
Post them to a blog
Thoughts of which to share

The hope within my soul
For Gods’ love to flow through
If I’m truly honest
It feeds my ego too

And what comes back to me
With a click or two
Reflection of Gods’ love
From the heart of you

I am overwhelmed
My soul is truly touched
By your loving kindness
I thank you each so much

What Love Can Do

Beginning with the Word
The light comes pouring through
Forming all creation
Look what love can do

It was just a seed
That birthed our life anew
Grace of multiplying
See what love can do

Displayed upon the cross
Poured out for me and you
Even death was conquered
Know what love can do

With a simple prayer
Of faith beyond our view
Never underestimate
Just what love can do


We love the feeling
And get so excited
To a great celebration
When we are invited

We love the feeling
A warm inner space
When we fall into
A welcomed embrace

We love the feeling
Our joy we outpour
When we are accepted
Completely adored

We love the feeling
Of community
With purpose belonging
Of one body, be

We love the feeling
When our debts are erased
To share in the joy
This gifting of grace

We love the feeling
When know what’s in store
For we have a Savior
And death is no more

Now and Here

A wounded heart of being
A need we all do share
A calling of our Lord
Heal now, heal here

Many thoughts are flowing
In our time of prayer
A gentle choice of offer
Rest now, rest here

Daily tasks are calling
Go fast, be there
Another view of whisper
Be now, be here

A life of many choices
The answer is not clear
Simple is the message
Love now, love here

Great Turning

Become now aware
To signs of the learning
A season before us
Of the great turning

Birds of migrating
Changing of leaves
Time of the morning
A chill in the breeze

The whole earth of turning
Of axis to spin
The vision of light
Of new way begin

Through whisper of Spirit
For each soul to know
That there comes a time
For us to let go

Let us each turn
The soul to prepare
To the eternal One
A season of prayer

Dawning’s Peepers

Time with dawning’s peepers
Savoring their song
Cherishing this moment
Soon they’ll go along

For they will surrender
To winters loneliness
Submitting unto silence
The time of emptiness

The heartbeat of creation
To praise the Spirit here
Soothing of the soul
Rhythm of prayer

All are welcomed into
This comforting embrace
Sense of the belonging
Within the light of grace