A Perfect Beginning

A masterpiece moving
Of colors to lift
In light of outpouring
Each mornings a gift

On a palette of silence
Flows the song of beauty
From all of creation
In sweet harmony

A breath of new life
Within the fresh air
In warm and the chill
In drawing right here

A perfect beginning
Of blessing each day
An offer of calling
Of setting to pray

Birds of Above

A look to above
I started to pray
A flock of geese
Came flying my way

A gaze out my window
To offer a prayer
When in my view
A cardinal appeared

In soaring beyond
A drifting of praying
An eagle gliding
With wings of displaying

These friends of the air
Have a divine way of showing
A drawing to prayer
To some way of knowing

What Might This Be

Blessed be the soul
One who stops to see
Pondering the question
What might this be

Blessed be this day
To pause and slow down
Of life to be enjoyed
In all that surrounds

Blessed be the light
Of soul to reflect
Let it’s facets soak
Deep within, affect

Blessed be our God
With simple answer, of
Oh, What might this be
It is His Word of love

Spirit Invoking

A prayer of presence
The Spirit invoking
Drenched in Your love
A sacred soaking

The Spirit igniting
The word to devour
In time of beyond
A Holy hour

With soul of surrender
A finding so freeing
The Spirit infuses
A blessed being

Within this new wineskin
The Spirit is swelling
One of becoming
A divine dwelling

Thin Veil

Blessed be the soul
In their humanity
That finds a veil so thin
Unto divinity

Through a veil of silence
To hone a sacred ear
One of simple being
To speak Lord, I am here

Through a veil of light
One facet of a ray
To pause in reflection
To speak Lord, show the way

Through a veil unknown
Of blessing to receive
To take a step of faith
To speak Lord, I believe

Through a veil of prayer
With humble heart to seek
One of the surrender
To let the Spirit speak

This Day Came To Be

This day came to be
The sun rose from the east
With light gifted to all
For creation to feast

Oceans and ponds
All remained still
In reverence to one
Offered it’s will

Birds rise with joy
Offering praise
Some took to song
Others wings raised

And what of man
Is offered this day?
Of one body be
Let us all pray

When We Look at the Cross

When we look at the cross the truth to sink in
In wounds that He bears we see our sin

When we look at the cross what do we see?
Our sins swallowed up by His great mercy

When we look at the cross our treasure in store
Of eternal life for death is no more

When we look at the cross we are drawn above
For we are consumed in His passion of love

Change as It Is

Yes change is good
But not all the time
Lord give us the wisdom
Of balance to find

With great gratitude
Let our hearts say
It is as it is
And I like it that way

And this phrase to keep
In our repertoire
My brother I love you
Just as you are

And with our lives
Let there be no resentment
With what I have now
Be full of contentment

For God’s balance is perfect
A thing of beauty
He loves us as we are
And a greater calling be

A Poem: A Wick

Thank you for asking
I’d be happy to share
For there’s so much
To be found everywhere

In exhaling deep
And breathing God in
That He might travel
Down deeply within

Passing the sternum
With breath of the Son
Letting peace spread
Like the morning sun

Yes, God is like air
How His Presence fills
It’s in the way of
The tree crested hills

As a wick set to light
Of beautiful gold
Warmth in the glowing
Indwelling, behold

Inspired by/Copied from Living Tree Poetry

Can Be a Prayer

A simple intention
With a heart to care
Feeding the birds
Can be a prayer

A moment of dawning
Of light to appear
Watching the sunrise
Can be a prayer

Feeling so grateful
For food we prepare
Making our breakfast
Can be a prayer

A time of blessing
With God that we share
Any moment we live
Can be a prayer