Catch a Breath

Before our day begins
Time to start performing
Take a step outside and
Catch a breath of morning

For a seed of beauty
A gift of the spawning
To dwell within the light
Catch a glimpse of dawning

Let it settle in
Worldly time to cease
In silence of the soul
Draw a taste of peace

Know that loves abounding
Blessings our God shares
With gratitude to offer
A whisper of prayer

9 thoughts on “Catch a Breath”

    1. Still You

      Still raw is your passing
      You’re in a better place
      Your hope in gift of faith
      Is answered by His grace

      Still here is our sorrow
      In random burst of tears
      Drifting in our loss
      Your emptiness felt here

      Still in life’s reflection
      The love to us you shared
      We see your shadow cast
      In many ways, you cared

      Still we walk our path
      With joy and sorrow, feeling
      In prayer, we’ll be with You
      A new way you’ll be healing

      Still we’ll remember you
      Etched within our heart
      For now, your closer still
      Through love that you’ll impart

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    2. Death Is Nothing
      (Based upon a poem by Henry Scott-Holland)

      Death is nothing. Nothing at all
      It does not count. There is no wall

      I’ve only slipped. In the room next
      Nothing’s happened. Be not perplexed

      As is the same. As was it be
      You are you. And I am me

      The old life lived. Together in love
      Remains untouched. Unchanged above

      Whatever we were. To each other
      That we are still. And not another

      Why should I be. Out of your mind
      Just because. The eye is blind

      As I am. I wait for you
      So very near. Round corners view

      All is well. Nothing is hurt
      Nothing is lost. This truth assert

      In moment brief. And all will be
      As was before. Our joy to see

      How we shall laugh. In embrace so sweet
      When very soon. Again we’ll meet!

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