Beauty In

A pile of rocks
And scraggly trees
On a mountain high
And we see majesty

The unknown below
Covered by sea
And we find a vision
Of tranquility

From an ugly seed
A gift from the earth
Colors of joy
Of a flowers birth

With a lens of truth
It’s clear to see
Oh Lord, through your love
You see beauty in me

Sacred Song

Of silent breath
The light appears
The sacred song
Of morning air

The Spirit flows
In this space here
The sacred song
Within a prayer

A practice now
To be aware
The sacred song
That all souls share

A calling now
Of voice so clear
The sacred song
That’s in you here

The love of God
Is singing clear
His sacred song
Is everywhere

Settle into You

Restless is my mind
In prayer of moments few
Oh Lord, let my soul
Settle into You

God forever seeking
Our heart to pursue
Child would you let me
Settle into You

Offer of accepting
Of Spirit flowing through
May the peace of God
Settle into you

Being of transforming
Vision of anew
May sharing of the Word
Settle into you

Beauty of the Senses

Today I saw the sun rise
A blessing from above
Casting on us all
A vision of God’s love

Today I heard the bird sing
Of lyric singing clear
The joy of the being
In this moment here

Today I heard the stream flow
A thought to contemplate
Water on a journey
Unto the ocean great

Today I saw a child
Swinging joyfully
Trusting in his Father
How God wants us to be

Today I took a deep breath
Of the fresh cool air
Drawing of the deeper
That led unto a prayer

Beauty of the senses
A message let us share
The gifting of His love
Of bringing heaven here

Senses and Time

An offer of blessing
Of moment to be
Of senses and time
I gift them to thee

Take a few minutes
With eyes to see
To marvel within
These colors’, beauty

Take now some time
With senses to hear
The soaking within
From silence, appears

Take now a breath
Inhaling fresh air
Drawing of life
Of gratefulness, here

Take now your soul
To offer a prayer
To savor His Presence
Of love He that shares

A moment with God
Becomes eternity
To cherish His blessing
Of infinity

Overwhelming Prayer

Into your Presence
A treasure this day
So many options
Which way to pray?

Prayers of petition
Or one from your Word
A devotional book
Or praises be spurred

Words of the soul
Flow infinitely
The choices beyond
Overwhelming me

Infinite options
As Spirit surrounds
So overwhelming
As choices abound

It’s a glorious gift
Of simplicity
As maybe the best
Is for us, just to be

You Bless Us a Heart

You bless us a heart
Of worries, won’t cease
One that is restless
So, You can bless peace

You bless us a heart
One in great need of
A void to be filled
So, You can bless love

You bless us a heart
Of hope to employ
With need of salvation
So, You can bless joy

You bless us a heart
With desire to care
So, Your, joy, peace and love
We can all share


An empty black canvas, is left by the night
A masterpiece painted, by the morning light

In stillness of silence of the empty air
In Spring of rejoicing a sweet song we hear

Trees of the barren with their branches bare
Filled with bright blossom of beauty to share

A book of Word written of Spirit to shine
As the wisdom of God Is a treasure divine

A void in our soul of emptiness be
Through prayer it is filled by the great love of Thee

In ordinary things a transformation appears
Become extraordinary when Gods’ Presence is there

With just simple bread think of what He can do
Let the body of Christ now, transform you