The Secret of Life

The secret of life’s in this moment
Everything blessed found within
To know of the love that is given
From here everything does begin

The purpose of life’s in the moment
One for us to be aware
To be the true person God made us
Through our gifts of His love to share

The desire of life’s in the moment
The need for which every soul longs
Through Jesus we are of one body
To know that we always belong

The wonder of life’s in this moment
To cherish salvations’ embrace
To serve, to give humbly
With knowledge that everything’s’ grace

The wisdom of life’s in this moment
To hear God speaking clearly
Through nature, and word and through souls
Circumstance found here daily

The joy of our life’s’ in this moment
To receive all that’s blessed here to me
The abundance of gifts that are showered
Receiving in soul gratefully

The question of this life’s’ in this moment
After life what is to be
The connection through love with our Lord
The vision of eternity

Here Beyond

Blessed be the vision
When we are surprised
And we see the view
That’s beyond our eyes

Blessed be the knowledge
When we are aware
And we hear the voice
That’s beyond our ears

Blessed be the wisdom
When the scripture shows
And we find the truth
Beyond what we know

Blessed be the message
When words that we seek
And we have the voice
Beyond what we can speak

Blessed be the grace
God here, of above
Of sacrifice so pure
It’s beyond our love

Blessed be the soul
Of finding purpose here
In giving and receiving
Beyond what we can share

Lessons of Receiving

Of our Gods great wisdom
His plan of conceiving
In nature surrounding
Are lessons of receiving

In humble flowers
Who open to light
Welcome the gift
With colors bright

Of trees standing tall
With branches raised
In calm and in storm
Arms stretched in praise

And of the pasture
Letting rain seep
To nourish the soil
Of roots growing deep

Why as His children
So difficult be
To accept the graces
That are blessed to me

We expect and we take
What’s given for free
Oh Lord, let me learn
From the flowers and trees

Let’s cherish each blessing
To receive gratefully
Well find in this way
We’ll live joyfully

The Work of Christmas

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The Journey of Christmas

When the star in the
Sky fades away
And we don’t hear
The angels this day

When the wise men
Return to their home
And the shepherds
To fields, back to roam

Here with our
God dwelling in
The journey of
Christmas begins

To find the lost
The broken heal
The good news spread
Of love, reveal

The nations build
Captive, release
To bring to all
The gift of peace

Committed no
Matter the cost
On our path that
Leads to the cross


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Angel wishes daily messages


They gathered in the village
The day of the big race
A basket of sweet fruit
The winner would embrace

When the race was started
They smiled with their plan
They turned to one another
And took each other’s hand

And so they ran together
A body of the one
In sharing of their journey
Here, everybody won

And they spoke the wisdom
Of the idea, they had
How can I be happy?
When others would be sad

And they sung “Ubuntu”
To all near and far
The meaning of these words
I am because we are

Soul of the Morning

A morning’s invitation
Of offer here abounds
Of welcoming the soul
A sacred psalm surrounds

A holy hymn of hearing
Of heaven here to be
To free the soul from pride
By blessed humility

A silent song of singing
Which every heart is longing
The grace of love as is
In comfort of belonging

So deep the depths of dwelling
Of One that’s drawing me
Centering the soul
Home is where we be

Subsumed into the being
For that is what I am
One of all creation
Created for His plan

The Beginning Began

In the dawning light
The Word in Bethlehem
The glorious day
The beginning began

As the guiding light
Moved from above
And shone on this earth
Through a babe of love

Of our God, unseen
The I Am to be
With offer of grace
For the blind here to see

Come all now gather
Of treasure to gaze
On the bread of life
Such wonder, amazed

Our gift of divine
If we only trust
From this moment on
That God is with us


Come to awaken
In the dawning light
Come Spirit to dwell
With deeper insight

Come to contemplate
And celebrate
The gift of wonder
Of His birth so great!

The gift of love
Come to our hope
Of binding divine
Beyond human scope

Source of our joy
Come wisdom revealing
He is God with us
Our comfort and healing

Through His sacrifice
His grace is the key
Come know the way
To eternity

With great rejoicing
To all the world
Oh come, oh come

Jesus Born Into

In a state of pure exhaustion
Through the desert they did roam
Jesus Christ was born into
Far away from comforts home

In a time of great confusion
Everyone is filled with stress
Peace is of the souls’ desire
Longing for a moments rest

In a place of great needing
Joseph, with a beggar’s plea
I’ll be grateful for whatever
The innkeeper gives to be

In a body, suffering
The unknown is filled with fear
Looking for security
In need of a great healing here

And when we find ourselves belonging
To a time just like this place
Say a prayer of incarnation
Let Him come with saving grace

Let Me Forgive

Let me come to
This realization
Here to reset
My expectations…

They were so selfish
So, I sacrificed
Let me forgive them
For not being Christ

They didn’t care
Their love was a fraud
Let me forgive them
For not being God

They gave bad advice
Wish they didn’t share it
Let me forgive them
For not being the Spirit

And forgiving myself
For I’m one in the same
In the love of the Three
Let us remain