Can Take You

To listen so intently
The into flowing through
That takes you to the place
Only music can take you

To move the soul so deeply
Beyond what we construe
That takes to you the Grace
Only prayer can take you

To dwell within the scene
Of vision in the view
That takes you to the space
Only beauty can take you

To hope within the promise
To receive what we pursue
That blesses the embrace
Only God can take you

2 thoughts on “Can Take You”

  1. “Beyond what we construe.” – great line, and so true within the framework of searching for G-d within a contemplative endeavor. “Be still, and know that I am G-d.” These words of scripture are not so easily met, when attempting to be still. Although I may speak only for myself, preconceptions of G-d, as well as well-established ways of connecting to Him may not always lead toward an experiential knowledge of G-d. (In Hebrew, experiential knowledge is called da’as). For myself, it is certainly within the quiet hours of the morning, that I am better able to connect with Him.

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