Hear Now the Message

Through the gray clouds
The light speaking clear
Shining within
Have you no fear

A soft gentle breeze
With calling to say
Give me your worries
Let them drift away

A tree standing tall
With Word to convey
Grow your roots deep
With faith this day

A cardinal appeared
With a song to tell
That in the end
All will be well

Hear now the message
With prayer to release
With trust in our God
Be covered with peace

Just One Normal Day

How many millions
Are starving today
For water and food
Hope for one normal day

All those in pain
So desperately pray
Wish they could have
Just one normal day

The lonely suffering
With mask they portray
Struggle to fake through
Just one normal day

Those at death’s door
Life fading away
Cling to the hope of
One more normal day

I take this gift for granted
And just go on my way
Oh, let me celebrate!
This one normal day

This Winters’ Day

In the cold of winter’s day
The frozen heart longs now to pray
For warming light upon us lay
And melt my sin away

In the depths of winter’s day
The fear filled heart of need to pray
To free this soul from worlds dismay
And in Your arms to stay

In this barren winter’s day
The empty heart turns now to pray
To fill with gifts that you convey
You bless in many ways

In this long dark winter’s day
The lonely heart appeals to pray
And though it may seem faraway
It soon will be Easter Sunday

War and Peace

A time of war
Fear flowing through
Confusion here
What can we do?

It seems hopeless
Tensions increase
Where do we turn
To bring us peace?

Come chosen ones
And hear the call
Our hands to raise
On knees to fall

With heart of faith
Full confidence
A time of prayer
And penitence

And even pray
So faithfully
Christ’s love to turn
Our enemy

A prayer to help
The suffering
As body, one
Compassion, bring

For such a time
As this, we shine
The power of
Our God, divine

Mans’ Oldest Question

Mans’ oldest question
In suffering and strife
Tell me what is
The meaning of life?

Look all around you
Such intricacies
Who now created
Such great beauty

Who is our God
What is He of
So simple the answer
He is only love

What is my purpose
Just listen and pray
To receive His love
And give it away

What good is what we do
The fruit of that endeavor
Only what is God’s
Will truly live forever

Gratitude is the Way

Gratitude is the way
That the heart remembers
Thoughts of kindnesses
Loving, glowing embers

Everyday blessings
Cherished interactions
Gifts of surprise
Acts of compassion

We honor and acknowledge
By remembering
Of the many ways
The ripples these acts bring

Through the soul of others
Of sacrifices giving
Of how we have been shaped
By both the dead and living

Gratitude is the way the heart remembers––remembers kindnesses, cherished interactions with others, compassionate actions of strangers, surprise gifts, and everyday blessings. By remembering we honor and acknowledge the many ways in which who and what we are has been shaped by others, both living and dead. ~Robert Emmons

A Morning Of

A blessing here
Of Presence be
A morning of

A blanket white
Of purity
Flows warmth within

How still the gaze
Of mystery
Gifts pasture of

The grace of Your
A touch of Your

The Spirits breath
Is heavenly
Wrapped within
Your majesty

Worthy of Love

Our job’s to love others
Without stopping to see
Whether or not
They are worthy

That’s not our business
In fact, nobodies
What were asked to do is
To love everybody

And this love itself
Through God we will see

Will render both us
And our neighbors worthy

Let us thank our God
Who loves abundantly
Through his grace may we
Love generously

Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy. That is not our business and, in fact, it is nobody’s business. What we are asked to do is to love, and this love itself will render both ourselves and our neighbors worthy. ~Thomas Merton

Aramaic in the Word

Three times in the Bible
Aramaic is the Word
Bring to contemplation
Let this thought be heard

Fingers in the man’s ears
Then He touched his tongue
“Ephphatha” was spoken
An opening begun

“Talitha koum”
Arise, little one
For death is conquered
By faith in God’s Son

“Eloi, Eloi, lema
My God, my God, why
Have you forsaken me?

When we ask this question
Faith of our formation
Jesus is our healer
And way of our salvation

Well of Living Water

I come to the well
Through your grace of giving
To draw deep in the soul
The water of living

I need the well
Of life to pursue
Of my true need
That I thirst for You

I return to the well
Chains of the freeing
With love and peace
My source of being

I depend on the well
With gifts of the sending
With the depths of grace
Of never ending