Tiny Ripples of Hope

The worlds looking for
The answer to cope
The chosen called to spread
Tiny ripples of hope

Of message echoing
The truth known of the way
One that conquered death
That rose on Easter’s day

A peace beyond this world
Known in our joy and strife
Love the only word
Of everlasting life

Like diamonds that sparkle
Upon an ocean bright
Or stars from above
Found in the night

Come now brother sister
As one body unite
A wave of hope rising
Of His glorious light

Come to God

God welcomes us
With a sunrise’s beauty
Come receive His love
Welcome Him into me

God’s seeking us
In gifts everywhere
Come find His love
With our soul, be aware

God’s calling us
With opportunities
Come share His love
With the lost and needy

God’s wanting us
In Him to be
Come be His love
For eternity

This Old Church

I love the sound
Of the old creaky door
That draws us into
What God has in store

I love the fragrance
That dwells in the air
One so fulfilling
The Spirit of prayer

I love the feeling
The squeak in the floor
Of so many needy
Who’ve been here before

I love the pew
So old and so worn
Where heart of the humble
Come to be adored

I love the silence
Through lens that’s so clear
The Presence of God
Is so richly here

I love this old church
With gifts beyond measure
Of grace overflowing
This place is a treasure

Be Ready

In our daily journey
Souls will appear
Let the thought be ready
That God sent them here

To be fully present
With an open ear
With a humble heart
And a soul that cares

One of heavens vision
Of ways beyond here
Let the voice of the Spirit
Of love, let us share

A blessing of calling
Let us be aware
To always to ready
To be there with a prayer

Question of our Life

In the gift of dawning
Light pours from above
A moment blessed of peace
Receiving Your love

With gifts of the Spirit
Of treasure, embrace
The facets of Your love
In mercy, joy and grace

All throughout this day
With blessings that You share
Is easy to see
Your love everywhere

The question of our life
Of offer in love’s bond
In soul and heart and deed
How will we respond?

Processing Life

So many inputs
Of joy and of strife
What is our program
For processing life?

A world of disaster
How can we cope?
We turn to our savior
A message of hope

When we are hurt
By acts of cruelty
We practice forgiveness
With gifts of mercy

When life gets you down
A lost purpose of
The seed of joy grows
In sharing His love

And when we fail
Our spirit to lift
We’re blessed to receive
From God all His gifts

With freedom to live
When it’s not about me
With a perspective
Of life heavenly

Halfway Through Lent

For the season of lent
Of thought to prepare
A time of almsgiving
Fasting and prayer

And here I am
I must confess
That half way there
My lent is a mess

If I’m honest about
My Lenten devotions
I see that I’m just
Going through the motions

And lost in my needing
A vision to see
Perhaps this is where
God wants me to be

Lost in the desert
Of need desperately
Here let me allow
My Lord to find me

Lost in my needing
In this desert, I roam
Please Lord rescue me
And lead me back home


A situation dire
Beyond the hands of man
Can God do a miracle?
I believe He can!

The unknowns before us
We have to wait until
Will God do a miracle?
I hope that He will

In these days of waiting
Following Gods’ plan
With body of Christ praying
I’ll do what I can

Comfort in our trust
God’s grace will fulfill
Knowing God is love
I’ll give up my will

It truly is a miracle
That God always comes through
In Him to fully trust
And I believe it true

A Holy Invitation

It’s so beautiful
A Holy invitation
Of us to reflect
On our Lord’s creation

A practice so important
To be aware and find
Precious little moments
To draw unto divine

For its these little moments
As rain drops fill the sea
That prepare the soul
For greater ones to be

So draw close to Him
Through nature of a prayer
With vision of His view
A taste of heaven here