Let’s try to do it
A goal that’s lofty
To love one another

To start with a prayer
That I’m not worthy
And still love God loves

The truth to sink in
For everybody
For our God loves them

Let me now practice
With the next soul I see
To try to love them

Perhaps it is an
To love everyone

But to develop
A tendency
The joy found in loving

God’s Love

Here is something
That you can’t do
You cannot make
Our God love you

No money can buy it
For there’s no price of
For you cannot
Earn our God’s love

Here is a truth
I want to you see
That God loves Jesus
As much as you and me

Perfect and pure
All blessed for free
Here in this moment
And for eternity

Time and Space

There’s a space beyond space
Past this galaxy
That flows from my heart
To infinity

There’s a time beyond time
From this moment to be
That flows from my soul
To eternity

There’s a time and a space
Blessed here to me
Oh Lord let me fill it
Dwelling with Thee

There’s a soul and a God
And connection of three
With a transforming love
Into divinity

Content to Be

The sky was dark
That summers eve
That drew me deep
Of thought, perceive

Of emptiness
Of space so great
So vast, it’s hard
To contemplate

And why do I
So long to fill
My time and space
With all my will

When God, it seems
Content to be
With nothingness
Just love for free

Come Now to Believe

Overwhelmed with fear
Troubled is your soul
Do you not believe?
That I am in control

Feeling all alone
Heart full of despair
Do you not believe?
I am always near

Hopelessness abounds
The path is not clear
Do you not believe?
I will answer prayer

Feel no guilt or shame
Nothing to conceal
Come now to believe
I know how you feel

Take a step of faith
To say yes, I believe
Find healing, peace and rest
Through my love to receive

Returning to Who You Are

So often the times
When we’ve drifted afar
When we need to return
To who we are

Not want we have
Or things that we do
Not of what others
Are thinking of you

To take off the mask
Let ego subside
Return to the one
In love to reside

Indwelling of prayer
To return to the place
The infinite source
Of mercy and grace

Right to the core
Of our identity
We are His beloved
Let that truth, flow through me

With Love to See

A brush stroke of kindness
With love to see
Painting a landscape
Of surrounding beauty

A moment of pause
Gratefulness to employ
A drop in an ocean
Of a soul filled with joy

A simple little prayer
One thread to bind
Forming a cord
Of friendship divine

One step of faith
Of trust everyday
Aligning our compass
To follow His way

Blesses the Key

Blessed our Lord
Who blesses the key
To free us from fear
And all our worry

Blessed our Lord
Who blesses the key
Bound in protection
And security

Blessed our Lord
Who blesses the key
Unlocking the way
Of divine mystery

Blessed our Lord
Who blesses the key
With wisdom of Word
Through humility

Blessed our Lord
Who blesses the key
From the chain of sin
With unending mercy

Blessed our Lord
Who blesses the key
To infinite love
Through the Trinity

Blessed our Lord
Who blesses the key
To heavens door
And eternity

Blessed our Lord
Who blesses the key
In the shape of a cross
One sacrificially

A Beloved Conviction

At the core of our faith
This conviction, be awed
We are the beloved
Children of God

Can we believe it?
In our head to abound
Be known in our gut
So, we are turned around

Go read the scriptures
This truth seeping, of
For I have loved you
With everlasting love

Here I embrace you
A covenant, be
You are mine, I am yours
And you belong to me

We have to hear this
As our guiding star
To live as the beloved
Because that’s who we are

When we start believing
Upon this knowledge formed
Our daily and Spiritual
Life will be transformed

We will still have pain
Still bear our cross
Successes and failures
Rejection and loss

But we’ll no longer live
Without identity
For we know who we are
As the beloved, we be

(based upon words by Henri Nouwen)

A Change of Intention

A place of inner peace
A goal of mine this day
Before the hours close
I found it drift away

With a vision of love
Through eyes to be kind
In stresses of life
My sight becomes blind

Commitment of my mind
To turn away from sin
Surrounded in this world
Temptations pouring in

If these are my desire
Help I need to find
Not of human strength
But one of the divine

For Jesus shows the way
To walk beside us here
A simple turn of gaze
And a word of prayer