A Beloved Conviction

At the core of our faith
This conviction, be awed
We are the beloved
Children of God

Can we believe it?
In our head to abound
Be known in our gut
So, we are turned around

Go read the scriptures
This truth seeping, of
For I have loved you
With everlasting love

Here I embrace you
A covenant, be
You are mine, I am yours
And you belong to me

We have to hear this
As our guiding star
To live as the beloved
Because that’s who we are

When we start believing
Upon this knowledge formed
Our daily and Spiritual
Life will be transformed

We will still have pain
Still bear our cross
Successes and failures
Rejection and loss

But we’ll no longer live
Without identity
For we know who we are
As the beloved, we be

(based upon words by Henri Nouwen)

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