Befriending Time

Facing the future
Through love God has shown
With a soul of trust
Befriending the unknown

Forgiving what’s been
No regrets to last
Through our Gods mercy
Befriending the past

In beauty surrounding
With gratefulness share
Through our God’s blessings
Befriending the here

Beyond all time
It’s heaven we see
Through our God grace
Befriend eternity

Gods’ Web

And in the night
Their plan be done
The spiders work
A web be spun

And much to the
Spiders dismay
Just emptiness
It found no prey

And God shown
Another way
Creating here
A grand display

Unto the light
To lift the dew
Of wisdom blessed
Of Holy view

And when we find
Our plans empty
We’ll trust in God’s
Of greater be

Lord, Lord

Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord
Your Presence is right here
Love, Love, Love, Love
Surrounding everywhere

Soak, Soak, Soak, Soak
In your gift so true
Known, known, known, known
Acceptance here of you

Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace,
Worries to here to cease
Dwell, Dwell, Dwell, Dwell,
My will to release

Free, Free, Free, Free,
Nothing here to fear
Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy
Sharing everywhere

Unknown Friend

Choose your friends wisely
A truth to convey
In molding your soul
For they help guide your way

The most important
Our Lord, who chose us
The perfect friend
We can always trust

Brothers and sisters
Devoted to prayer
In our joys and sorrows
Our journey to share

And so that fear
In us is not grown
In peace, letting go
Befriend the unknown

Before us all our life
Each moment, everyday
Encounter it with trust
Through our God we pray

What I Long For

I longed for the day
Of future years
I long for the past
Now that they’re here

I’m looking forward
To what happens today
But the gift of this moment
I let pass away

And even of heaven
Where I long to be
I can lose focus
To let life pass by me

So let all my longing
Be now in a prayer
In dealing with you, Lord
In heaven right here

Love Conquers All Fear

Turn to page of scripture
Through Spirit be aware
Strength within the Word
Love conquers all fear

For God’s all powerful
He’s is our ruler here
We know that God is love
Love conquers all fear

With angels in heaven
One voice rising clear
The Word of God is spoken
Love conquers all fear

Engrain it in my soul
This truth to declare
Through the grace of God
Love conquers all fear

A Decision Great

I am thrilled to celebrate
This decision great
To protect the innocent
But’s there more to contemplate

Did this help the little girl
Who grew up with no Dad?
Did it help the poor couple?
With finances, bad

Did this help the girl and boy
Who hooked up for one night?
Or the one’s who’s only hope
Is in the worlds delight?

It’s truly right to pass a law
A great beginning, true
But to share the love of Christ
There’s much more work to do

Two Houses

Let’s pause for a moment
And honestly share
How much of our life?
Is driven by fear

To offer our will
A message so true
Whatever you fear
Has power over you

To drive your decisions
To lead the way
Let us commit
To a new choice this day

To choose our dwelling
Of freedom here
I will live in the house
Of love and not fear

Remember that love
Is of our God, great
The opposite of fear
Is love and not hate

Come get up and go
Jesus inviting you
Come make your home in me
As I do in you

Covering You This Day

May the brilliant light
That shines through trees above
Fill you with its’ hope
Surrounding you in love

May the voice within
That sparks cardinals to sing
Rise within your soul
To think of happy things

May air under its’ wings
That gives the hawk its’ lift
With vision of above
Bless you with its’ gift

And may the hand of peace
That stills the ocean calm
Come embrace your soul
Safe within His arms

And know with confidence
That all our angels pray
One of heavens song
And covers you this day

Do You Not Believe?

I don’t see the way
Doubts I perceive
I am your God
Do you not believe?

I am afraid
Fear here surrounds
Am I your God
That lets you down?

I will be sorry
Is that your viewpoint?
Am I your God
That disappoints?

I keep up my guard
Not made a fool of
Am I your God
That isn’t love?

Come rest my child
With confidence pray
In my arms to trust
I’ll show you the way