Colors Go

A masterpiece
Horizons show
A bouquet blessed
The flower grows

It’s from the light
Beauty, convey
In seasons time
It fades away

An answer that
I’d like to know
I wonder where
The colors go

For is God’s way
And natures course
All things return
Unto its source

The vision that
We’ll see one day
All colors blessed
In One display

Helpless Souls

I saw such suffering
With my eyes to see
In such helpless souls
Laid out in front of me

I asked a dear nun
What should I say
What can I do
How can I pray?

She said, pray this prayer
Of offering to bless
Lord let your healing hand
Be upon them, to rest

Words of wisdom shared
To place in His embrace
To share a touch of love
And rely on His grace


Here in this place
So many souls cope
Suffering and fear
For healing, their hope

Some will be born
And some will die
Some will find comfort
Some will ask why

Some play a role
Of healing to bless
Beyond their control
Some things they confess

In this hospital
A symbol we find
Of our time here on Earth
And the life of divine

Word of Sharing

Upon my heart
Something to share
Unto a friend
For which I care

I come to You
Lord to prepare
The gift of which
I’m drawn to share

To ease the burden
That they bear
Soften their heart
So they can hear

Your Word of truth
Indwelling, clear
May Spirits light
To them appear


A child is surprised
They hug their puppy tight
An embrace of joy
They shout in pure delight

On their wedding day
You may kiss your bride
An embrace of passion
In covenant, reside

A newborn babe is born
It’s first touch here to start
Embrace of treasured blessing
One that melts your heart

Remember every moment
That nothing else compares
To the embrace of love
To you that our God shares

Something of Greater

I went for a stroll
On some beautiful land
I found something greater
Then just where I stand

I help serve some soup
Into eyes I did see
I found something greater
In our community

I dwelt in a prayer
And drifted above
I found something greater
In his presence of love

Ingrained in our soul
A desire to be
Something of greater
Then just of me

Beautiful Things

Blessed are they
Who see beautiful things
For its God that they
See everywhere

Blessed are they
Who give beautiful things
For its God’s gift of love
That they share

Blessed are they
Who pray beautiful things
For its God’s way of
Making things clear

Blessed are they
For they’re beautiful things
For its God’s Presence
They’re bringing here

One Word Within

Into a church dark
Soft the light glow
A whisper of love
Let silence flow

To still the soul
Will now concede
Comforting quiet
Is what you need

Feel now my Presence
And it’s embrace
Breathe the word deeply
Receiving of grace

Stir the indwelling
The one word within
With the seed of love
In this day to begin

If We Could Only

If we could only feel
How much God loves us here
We would live our lives
Without any fear

If we could only sense
How much that we are blessed
We’d focus on His grace
Without worry or stress

If we could only see
His immense beauty
How grateful we would live
Our lives joyfully

If we could only know
What God does prepare
The impact we could make
Through His love to share

If we could only trust
Our view, be heavenly
Start living here right now
What waits eternally

God, I only know
Through Spirit you, endow
It is your great joy
Revealing them right now