How to be Grateful

How to be grateful, when life isn’t fair
Here are some thoughts, that I’d like to share

Look to the cross, know everlasting grace
Let Him heal your wounds, rest in His embrace

Let go of the past, the futures not here
Attune to the Spirit, drawing you near

Remember your calling, the Lord’s chosen you
You are His beloved, soak this in true

Open your soul, to what’s here in your view
In beauty surrounding with perspective anew

Breath in the fresh air and turn to the light
Trust in the Lord that all will be alright

Feel His love rising with joy found this day
And if you want more then give it away

Grateful for souls, He’s placed in your way
Thankful for mercy, for all let us pray

You will feel better to share now a smile
For heavens our home, here for a short while

For this moments fleeting we’re just passing through
For in the new dawning He makes everything new

For nothing’s deserved, with thanks our heart lift
For all we sense here is blessed as a gift

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